EA Uses Vine To Post A Six Second Battlefield 4 Teaser

Vine, the Twitter-esque (and now Twitter-owned) micro-blogging service that relies on tiny loops of video rather than witty collections of characters, has still to find its place in the marketing schedules of most video game publishers.

EA have given it a massive boost today, though, with one of those teaser of a trailer thing that normally ends up on YouTube – it’s the usual Vine affair and sees EA attempting to break into another angle of social networking, one that can be just as viral as any other.

The outcome? EA’s DICE-powered first person shooter Battlefield 4 will see a trailer on the 27th of March, although that much could have already been garnered from the Vine-linking Tweet. Indeed, at the time of posting the Tweet, barely 40 minutes old, had seen over 540 RTs.

Old habits, it seems, die hard.



  1. More bad Sim City articles… Quick make something on Battlefield.

  2. 03:27? Strange time of morning to announce a game… ;)

  3. 6 seconds of footage is a bit much for an FPS teaser these days, isn’t it?.

  4. Vine is great fun.

  5. I’m surprised EA didn’t charge people to watch it.

    I used to really, really love battlefield it was easily my favorite game, but the direction of BF3 changed that. An honestly I could forgive that, but what EA and everyone is doing with microtransactions just makes it impossible to care about BF4 now.

    • 6 seconds is free. The full 1min trailer is £2.99

      I wish I was joking.

      • Very funny. Wait, it’s not a joke? WAIT WHAT!? WHAT!? I think it’s best if i remove myself to avoid a massive rant about EA.

      • That is a joke surely?

  6. Hoping this is cross-gen, I just couldn’t get on with 30fps and I didn’t find the MP fun at all. Next gen should surely be able to handle it at 60fps and I think I will enjoy it much more.

  7. Checked out Vine and found it utterly useless. Equally, teaser trailers are pretty crap as an idea so I’ll give stuff like this a miss unless it’s embedded like above.

    • “Here’s a poorly framed, stupid ratio, low resolution, semi-stop-motion, blurry glimpse at what we might give you a few seconds of in 9 days.”

      “No thanks, EA, I’m all right actually.”

      • This. They are trying to tease something which isn’t really a tease, we all know it’s coming.

        More people need to do fun teases towards projects such as what Kojima is doing at the moment. Not this ‘6 seconds saying get ready ‘4’ the announcement, cus it’s battlefield 4 durpy durper dee derp’.

      • Agreed. Christ, do something clever and cryptic! I hated those too but not nearly as much as this.

        Remember when certain age people blamed the MTV generation for such short memories? They now appear to be complete pros of long-term memory compared to the Vine genera… um… forgot.

  8. Still too soon for another full BF game in my opinion.

    • Agree completely, but they want 40 quid from you every 12 months. They got that with Premium last year but to keep it up they need a new game this year.

      It’s a business unfortunately.

      That being said they’ll have to offer something completely different with BF4 to move me away from 3, otherwise its just another expansion pack.

      • I’d be happy with another Bad Company

    • Agreed, I’m still playing BF3, and there’s still plenty of life left in it. Judging by the amount servers and no. of people on them many people agree with me too

  9. i hope BF4 comes out on the PS4, i loved BF3.

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