Gears Of War: Judgment Has XP-Boosting Microtransactions

If Dead Space 3’s DLC caused a fuss, wait until you hear what Gears of War: Judgment offers to those happy enough to spend some real money on top of the full asking price: experience point doublers. Yep, it appears (via VG) that players can buy temporary boosters for XP that’ll massively improve your ratings online.

Booster packs are available in chunks of ‘matches’ starting from 80 Microsoft Points (£0.69) to double your XP for ten online games right up to a whopping 800 Microsoft Points (nearly £7) to do the same thing for 200 matches. You can see where they’re going here.


XP is used in Judgment to get new character and weapon abilities and skins, and there are Achievements focused on XP points too. Basically, if you play online, you won’t be able to avoid aiming to up your XP.

There’s also a “VIP Pass” for 1,600 Microsoft Points that unlocks certain online playlists that offer up the same XP boosts.

At least EA’s DLC didn’t make much impact outside of a confined single player experience. With this latest Gears Of War it’s clear that there’s an aim to get players parting with their cash to stay competitive online. On a 69p iPhone game it’s not hard to relate to this, but on a full price console title? Pay to win indeed.

Our review of the game is here.



  1. 109 matches in. Level 50 then re-up to 14 already. Not touched these XP boosters and anyone who has gains no tactical advantages at all. So why the fuss? Anyone who pays for these is after achievements and their actual abilities are not affected. It is a dark method for quick cash but more fool you if you make the purchase.

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