Deux Ex: Human Revolution On Wii U Will Be “Definitive Version”

Deux Ex: Human Revolution on the Wii U will be the “definitive version”, according to a statement this morning from Square Enix. Dubbed, the Director’s Cut, the Wii U exclusive version will feature plenty of GamePad goodness and lots of developer commentaries and in-game guides.

GamePad features include touch-screen hacking, interactive map editing, augmented sniping, grenade throwbacks and “many other neural hub enhancements”, and the extra levels like Tongs’s Rescue mission and the Missing Link chapter have been “integrated seamlessly into the narrative flow” of the game, which is a nice touch.

There’re also overhauled boss fights, some game balancing and refined combat, better AI and some “striking visual improvements” suggesting that if you’re still top play Human Revolution, the Wii U version is the one to get.

The game is “coming soon”.


  1. Cool for Wii U owners who are yet to play the game I suppose.

    I just want a sequel, like right now (I’m impatient). I loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution so damn much. I never played the old ones I’ll admit, but I’m tempted to go back and play them because of how good Human Revolution was. A sequel on next gen consoles with even bigger cities to explore would be absolute bliss.

    • If you can handle the crude (by today’s standards) presentation, the original Deus Ex is a masterpiece of open design and in many ways superior to Human Revolution. I really can’t recommend it enough and you can pick it up for pennies on eBay.

  2. Lemmie guess, £39.99 price tag? Alternatively I can walk into my local Blockbuster and pick it up on PS3/360 in their 4 for £20 deal.

    • Not everyone owns a gaming PC/360/PS3?

      • True but, given its basically a port with some tweaks, a £25 price point sounds fair

    • It’s in ASDA pre-owned for a £5 near where I live.

    • Actually fair is letting people buy it on whatever platform they enjoy for however much they want to pay.Most of the Wii U launch titles are about 20/25 quid now if you shop around.

  3. Oh, it’s great news if they’ve fixed those terrible boss fights. Kind of like this is the actual finished version of the game and the other versions were balance testing.

    Not sure it’s enough to make me replay it though, I felt it was a bit clunky and the writing wasn’t great (apart from the end, which was written beautifully). Hopefully this’ll help fund a next-gen sequel too!

    • Agreed, i think the next game should hopefully be better balanced for all platforms so i’ll just wait for that.

    • I still don’t get why people bitch about the boss fights that much. I did a 100% stealth run with a focus on hacking and I didn’t have any problems killing the bosses. There were always enough weapons, grenades and barrels around to beat the boss without breaking too much of a sweat.
      The fight with the girl in the server room was a challenge, but that’s what boss fights are supposed to be, right?

      • My first playthrough character basically took all the cool skills, and that fight in the server room was cake. Two rounds of the fully upgraded Typhoon augmentation and she went down like a sack of spuds.

      • Extremely poor design choice I felt. Put me off the remainder of the game, never returned.

      • Here’s a bit from an article a while back with the developers acknowledging and apologising for the issues..

        “[The boss fights] were a big part of the game, and we should have put more effort into them. I’m truly sorry about that. Next time we’re going to think about it more.”

        The Eidos Montreal director also confirmed that special steps were taken to ensure players would defeat the bosses, like adding more ammo boxes or health bars, but the battles still gave players plenty of problems.

        What’s more, it seems that quite a few testers spotted the problem with the boss fights, but no one actually told the development how severe it was.

      • I think it’d be far braver, and more within the context of the game, if it was the level that gave the ‘boss’ experience rather than a specific NPC. It would be far more satisfying if the bosses could still be taken down with a stealth kill, but the level preceding them had specific victory conditions or required a player to attempt a playstyle they might not be suited to, rather than just giving an NPC more health and cheaper tactics.

      • The boss fights forces you to play it as a shooter so if you have decided to go for a non-lethal stealth playthrough, chances are you were fecked, big time.

      • Bosses didn’t count towards the non lethal playthrough and even if you didn’t have heavy weapons on you, there were always some inside the boss room. The boss fights only took a few minutes each so it was hardly an experience ruining part of the game. I didn’t mind them. I’ll gladly go out on a limb and say they were muuuch less annoying than in MGS 3 and 4.

  4. They have to say its the definitive version so they can justify charging £50 for a 2 year old game.

    • how can you say that?

      i wanted to be the one to say it. ^_^

  5. A patch for PS3/Vita owners, now that would be nice….and now back to the real world….

    • I wouldn’t count it out,Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge is about to hit ps3/360 and thats so much better than the original it’s well worth another buy.

  6. Odd call considering the age of it,kindve interested to see what they’ve done with the pad.

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