Kojima Tweet Confirms He’s Behind “The Phantom Pain”

Silly, potentially CGI interviews aside (how did they get Keighley to look so real?) the whole The Phantom Pain promotional run has been quite good fun. Metal Gear Solid 5 it may or not be, but it’s been interesting watching everyone guess.

Well, it was always going to be a Kojima thing right from the first moment, but it’s been a cute series of diversions from the legendary producer.

Until now, that is, as Kojima himself has just Tweeted a photo of a video edit suite, naming him at the end. The title? Clearly referencing GDC and TPP (“TPP_GDC 2013_720p_esrb”, as picked up here) so that’s it pretty much locked down, right?

We’ll know everything (or nothing) next week.


  1. Just give me a few seconds to prepare guys. *puts hands on cheeks and makes a surprised face* I am so surprised, i would have never have thought Kojima was behind it. I’m so surprised that i’ve fallen of my chair. In fact, i’ve not been this surprised since well ever.

    We all knew he was behind it. Only a very small amount of people will be surprised. In fact, i suspect ! will be applicable to them when they discover this. ^-^

    If it’s actually MGS5 and PP is either a working title or subtitle, i’m struggling to think of an untouched period of time that would suit MGS due to Big Boss’s story having been almost covered. Unless it’s a sequel to GZ and both games cover the same period but due to kojima being Kojima, they had to make it into two games. Not that i’m complaining as it’s more Cutscenes i mean MGS. :) I doubt it is the Raiden game set between 2 and 4.

  2. Remember when games were developed and simply talked about in a magazine (or even online) then a trailer would appear and we’d buy it shortly afterwards.

    I miss those times (and bloody hate the nonsense that comes with some of them today). Stop playing cat & mouse with the media and/or consumer. Just tell us if you’re doing a game or not then crack on with it. Everyone get off of their pedestals and do some effing work!

    Calm now. :-)

    • While the interview was rather crazy (and too light on answers) this game is the only exciting thing going on at the moment at a time where press releases have never been so stale and at the end of a console generation where things are very quickly falling off (GoW: Ascension and the new Gears of War title). Normally I would probably be in the “don’t tease me!” camp, but seeing as we know the answers in full are less than a week away then I don’t mind some teasing in-between. He is one of the biggest innovators in games of all time after all.

      • There comes a time when people want to cut through all of the faff and just find out about things. I realise it’s all a big game and devs/publishers tease the press (and consumers) if they fancy. Sadly, for me, I have work to do and sometimes I just want to find out about the effing thing and have them stop buggering about.

        I’m actively losing interest in marketing campaigns where they think they’re teasing me just the right amount. They are most certainly not. They’re losing my money!

      • This wasn’t a tease though, this is someone noticing something on a picture he tweeted which may have given part of the game away. Almost certainly not intentional from Kojima.

        “There comes a time when people want to cut through all of the faff and just find out about things”

        They’ll be showing the new footage and sharing their new announcements next Wednesday at GDC so that will be for the people who don’t like the teasing. That’s when you will get your to-the-point announcement and I’m glad they have told us that in advance as it means those who aren’t interested in teases can ignore it and just wait until then.

        For those that do though, they have a slight hope of trying to figure it all out before Wednesday thanks to the teases in which case, good luck to them! Personally I don’t think they have a much hope!

    • Bless you.

    • #teamcg!! :P
      Just look at the flickering shadow on his neck…
      Damnit, I’ve been spending wayy too much time on GAF. It’s really not healthy… ^^

      • I’ve switched between the two teams a number of times. After the last few days of what Kojima has been saying though I’m back on teamcg.

  3. Damn, that’s one sexy Adobe Premiere timeline! The only reason I can think of for why they’re working in 720p and not full hd, is because they’re using video captured at 720p (read current gen consoles).

  4. I don’t get about MGS5, just give us MSG4 trophies….

    Oh they did!

    Yay wooh MGS5 bring it on.

  5. I love all the weirdness. Whatever it is, it definitely won more of my interest than it would have otherwise. (And I’ll buy two if the game stars the real Solid Snake.)

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