ESRB Rates Jak Collection For Vita

The God of War and Team Ico HD collections have been playable on Vita via Remote Play for a while now, but it looks like Sony are investigating bringing native versions of the previously PS3-only ‘collection’ boxsets over to the Vita itself if a new listing on the site of the ESRB  (the American games ratings board) is to be believed.

Feel free to chalk this up as a rumour for now, but the listing itself (which doesn’t reveal anything particularly exciting) is certainly a bit of an odd one – for each of the previous collections, the ESRB merely updated the existing games’ ratings to add the PS3 as a platform. It’s unlikely that indicates anything special about the Vita port though, which (if real) will more than likely come on a triple-pack card, with each of the games available separately as downloads.


Oh, and if you’re wondering if the Vita addition just means a Remote Play patch, it’s worth noting that none of the games included in the two collections mentioned above have had anything added to their listings aside from PS3, despite being available to play on Vita remotely for a number of months.

I’m sure some will bemoan more ports coming the way of the Vita, but for those who missed the games the first (and second) time round, or those – like me – who much prefer playing on portables nowadays, bringing titles like the Ratchet and Sly Collections seems like a no-brainer. Naturally, there’s no word on specific features or Cross-Buy/Save capabilities, but hopefully we’ll hear more in the coming months.

Source: ESRB, via NeoGAF’s Ultros



  1. Nothing wrong with ‘more ports coming the way of the Vita’ as long as they’re good games.

  2. That’s good, I wouldn’t mind PS2 HD games on the vita, bring GTA, prince of Persia, red faction

    • That would be genius, ps2 catalog is amazing. One can only hope.
      This really will be vita’s year; and then ps4 integration will take it to another level.

    • Put me down for Ratchet and Clank. If this does pave the way for more PS2 HD collections coming to the Vita I will be happy.

    • I’d love to see HD remakes of GTA III, Vice City & San Andreas on Vita, but not likely to happen…….I can dream though.

  3. I’d love to play the original Jak games on the Vita.

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