PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.40 Allows PS3 Downloads From The Web Store

Just a quick snippet of unexpected news for a Saturday night. Sony has updated their website with details on the features that the most recently pushed firmware – 4.40 – has introduced.

We had previously though it was just the usual stability and improvements that comes with an incremental firmware update – the like of which we’ve seen from Sony almost countless times for the PlayStation 3. But Sony usually reserves the x.x0 firmware updates for slightly more significant improvements. Well, it seems like 4.40 is no different, although it’ll be a while before we can fully benefit from the big new feature.


In May, Sony plans to unlock the ability to allow users “to download content purchased from [their] online store to their PS3.” There’s going to be a “detailed guide” for how to make the most of it, apparently, but hopefully they’ll make it as seamless as possible so that you can browse the SEN store via the website and set up all your downloads to your PS3 from a web browser.

You can also use your Sony wireless stereo headsets with PS2 Classics you’ve bought off the store now. But that’s not exactly a headline-grabber, is it?



  1. Erm…..Has this not already been made available, as I added items from the website & then when on PS3 they were waiting on my download list.
    If I’ve mis-understood the article then feel free to give me a slap :D

    • Slap.

    • You will now also be able to remote start your PS3 console and start the download of the items you’ve just bought via web store. Nice and welcomed feature IMHO, at least it will make the console store app less pain in the arse now (as you don’t have to use it that much anymore).

  2. This is great news. It’s one of the things I love about the Android Play Store. Browsing and downloading directly to the device so it’s there when I next pick up. Especially handy for the tablet.

    Presumably if you have the console set to check for updates (via Plus) it will also download any queued items at that time?

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