News Snatch: Tiger Woods, Quantic Dream And Call Of Duty Ghosts

Hot on the heels of the wizard world of Potter, PlayStation Home is soon to be invaded by the Silence and a rather familiar blue police box. Who could it be?

Oh, wait, it says exactly who it is on the still image of the video, that was a waste of a good pun.

Cast your mind back to two months ago, not a day went by without a rumour or a whisper about the PS4 or the Next Xbox. The PS4 was revealed and since then we’ve barely heard a peep about the Microsoft console, rather strange don’t you think?

Instead we’re getting Modern Warfare 4 rumours, the latest of which is that COD:MW4 won’t be MW4 at all and will be retitled “Call Of Duty: Ghosts“.

Quantic Dream have said they have no plans to go multi-platform, one possible reason for this is because “Sony just said it was going to give us the money to build games.”

Xavier Poix, head of Ubisoft France Studios has said he expects Rayman Legends “to be a huge system seller on the console.”

“We don’t have any disappointments compared to the installed base. We are just hoping that Nintendo’s results for Wii U will be a bit bigger,” he added.

Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other: “Does this taste funny to you?”

Now I know that’s not gaming news but there is bugger all rude or silly to write about today so I am including a few jokes to balance things out.

This morning Tiger Woods regained his title as World number one which no doubt pleased EA who have just released a launch trailer for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14.

Krieg the Psycho will be Borderlands 2‘s sixth playable class and on April 2nd the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade pack will be released which will raise the game’s level cap up to 61.

Both Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 will be blessed with an extended weekend of double XP over the Easter period, starting this Thursday at 6pm. To celebrate I shall be hosting an evening of shooting people in the head in Killzone 3. Head on over to the TSA meets page to sign up for some gun based fun.

Where is the best place to hide a body? Page 2 of Google’s search results.

A new Kickstarter aims to create a documentary about the LGBT community within gaming.

“For too long gamers have been painted in a very specific light, and the mosaic of gamers have lacked the diversity of minorities, queers, women, and members of LGBT communities. We want to create this film in order to take a closer look at the challenges and the growth of these communities in the gaming world.”

Personally think this is a terrible idea, if it was 1970 then I could see the point of this sort of thing but in my opinion singling out the LGBT community for special treatment is the worst thing that can be done. Let’s face it, being gay has nothing to do with gaming.

“Millions of fans comprise the gaming industry, but many of them remain unrepresented within the media they love,” states the Kickstarter page. I’m quite fine with to be honest, have you seen how badly gay Commander Shepherd dances?

A duck was about to cross the road, when out of nowhere a chicken appeared. “Don’t do it!” he exclaimed, “You’ll never hear the frickin end of it!”

The PC version of Peggle is free for a limited time, grab it quick from this link.

And Finally, another trailer for Resident Evil Revelations. 


  1. Re-using assets from the abysmal Eternity Clock, I see.

  2. It seems odd for MW4 to be called Ghosts as a) there was a character in MW2 called Ghost and b) there could be some brand confusion with the Ghost Recon series as all the operatives in that are called ‘Ghosts’.
    Hopefully they’ll release some sort of official teaser in the next couple of days, with the BF4 event tomorrow I’m sure they’ll want to take some of the limelight.

  3. TC, do you visit any other games sites?
    homophobia is still a problem, not so much within the industry, but certainly among the gamer community.

    being gay has nothing to do with gaming?

    how many games these days have romance options?
    does who you’re attracted to not come into play there?

    and why is it a man always rescuing his wife or girlfriend?
    why is he never rescuing his boyfriend?

    you read the Remember Me story didn’t you?

    and go back to the earliest days of gaming and there have been romantic relationships.
    when Mario was just called Jumpman he was rescuing his GIRLFRIEND Pauline.

    so many games feature romances but so very few of those feature gay romances.

    but as i said about the gaymercon, what you or i think doesn’t really matter, what matters is if enough people think this is worth supporting.
    we’ll just have to wait and see on that score.

    and who is Rachel anyway?
    and why couldn’t she get a wetsuit that fits?
    seriously, if that thing was actually designed to zip up all the way there’d be flaps where the unzipped portion was loose.
    no, that wetsuit was designed to show of her cleavage.
    i mean if that’s what she likes, that’s ok, but it looks kind of impractical, like she could pop out at any minute, especially with the kind of strenuous activity she seems to be doing in that video.

    if she did manage to zip that up, breathing might be an issue.

    i was thinking, i got Peggle free years ago, but then i remembered that was Peggle Nights, so thanks for the info, another free game is always welcome, and peggle is pretty fun.

    just had a quick play, i forgot how much fun it could be.

    that duck joke made me laugh.
    i’m surprised though, you could have got a bit of material out of Rachels wetsuit, or at least what’s inside/outside it. ^_^

    • how many games these days have romance options?
      does who you’re attracted to not come into play there?

      I dont give a shit who I’m playing as, it’s a game! I could happily snog Kerry Katona in a game.

      • Kerry Katona?

        you deviant. O_O

        anyway, some people get emotionally invested in the character, for some it’s the reason they’ll play some games.

        and some games, RPGs especially try to give the player choice, how to behave, what to do, who to romance.
        shouldn’t players be able to make the choices they want to make?
        let them do what they would do in that characters shoes.
        to to be able to tailor their character to reflect themselves.

        you can decide almost everything else about the character in those types of games from race, to gender, through skill sets and clothing to eye and hair colour.

        why can’t sexual orientation be another choice?

        why is that so often taboo when choosing your skin colour or gender is fine?

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