Puppeteer Gets September Release Date On PS3

Puppeteer, Sony’s quirky platform with bite, will be released on the 10th of September. That’s according to news [via] from GDC this morning, where a new demo of the game has been shown.


Puppeteer is a lovely looking game focusing on a puppet-esque boy based on a single level that changes as you progress from area to area. It’s exclusive to the PS3.

Read our Puppeteer preview here.



  1. Still not sure about this game. It’s an interesting idea but I can’t see this appealing to me gameplay wise, yet.

  2. Looks lovely.

  3. Looking superb for now. Hope it fleshes out into a wonderful game as it really does look different to most things we see in the games industry.

    • have you seen the rain gameplay mike? lovely.

  4. I’ll need a demo before buying the game; if it plays as good as I think, than I’ll nab it :)

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