Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes Combined To Make Metal Gear Solid V

Kojima has just taken to the stage at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, complete with Joakim Mogren’s bandages wrapped around his head and a “Phantom Pain” t-shirt on. He introduced – still bandaged – the newest trailer for their latest Metal Gear Solid game. This trailer confirms that The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Solid V are, in fact, one and the same.

For what it’s worth, the trailer which was purportedly all in real time (on PC), was as evocative, visually stunning and well directed as you’d expect. I’ve no doubt that it will be dissected by more studious eyes than mine in the coming days but the backing track alone (by Garbage) was quite stirring.


Kojima then launched into a gameplay demonstration, which again looked absolutely stunning (on PC) as a character voiced by Keifer Sutherland leads a weakened and injured Snake out of the hospital he just woke up in.

The Phantom Pain part of the story is to be a kind of prologue, with the Ground Zeroes part coming later in the game, with more open world elements.

The talk, on the Fox Engine and how it’s used, is ongoing so we’ll bring you any other major news that comes out of it.

Update: Here’s the trailer.



  1. I hope others just watched that live video from GDC, because that was F**king awesome. Seriously happy MGS series is continuing

  2. Hmm, i wonder if Kojima plans for MGS5 to be the final MGS game before he puts the franchise to rest? As combining two games into one would an excellent way to finish it. That said, PP wasn’t offically a MGS game.

    I’m guessing the PP part starts a few months after MGS:PW and leads up to Big Boss getting injuried and captured by Zero, who uses his DNA to create 2 clones and it finishes with him escaping Zero then leads into the ground zero part and ends with BB joining Foxhound thus leading into the events of MG1. I have a feeling that MGS4 will look like a tv show when compared to MGS5 as Kojima may have gone over the top with the cutscenes this time around.

    As usual, i’m interested in this because it’s a Kojima game and i love the MGS franchise.

    • Solid and Liquid are two years old during Peace Walker, so Zero hasn’t captured him for his DNA this time.

      My guess, and in a way I hope I’m wrong, is Volgin is involved. “V[olgin] has come to”. Plus the dude with all the scars sure looks like he could have been fried by a bolt of lightning…

      Whatever. I’ll lap this up like the good little MGS fanboy I am.

  3. Means he has to get a proper hand back then rather than becoming Captain Hook.

    • he’s got a kind of robotic hand when he’s smoking in the trailer.

      • Hadn’t seen the trailer yet, and now that i have, the robotic hand he has is the one he takes from Zedornov in Peace walker. It has a lighter in it and the fingers kind of fire off like a gun….

      • oooh, good spot!

  4. Metal Gear Solid fiVe. That’s what they should call it.

    • They should call it metal geAR Solid fivE.

      • Or M3t4l G34R s0lid F1v3. Even typing that out makes me want to facepalm.

      • Do it Steven. Facepalm really, really hard.

      • Or Metal Gear’s Solid 5 hours of cut-scenes between each 10 minutes of gaming ;p

      • I’ve already facepalmed Peter and somehow managed to break my hand by doing it. :O I’m never stooping down to that level just for a cheap and very cringeworthy joke. If i find it cringeworthy, then it is a very very crap joke.

  5. god dangit Kojima, why must you always leave us with more questions than answers with every trailer. >_<

    still, looking forward to hearing more.

  6. Quite nicely done. Can’t say the music was fitting one bit, in my humble opinion, but masterful subterfuge until now. Not sure the MGS franchise ever resonates with me properly but happy to see how this pans out.

    • I love MGS (and I liked the music!) but I thought this ridiculous pantomime leading up to it has been terrible. From entirely transparent faked game studios to hammy adverts presented as interviews by Geoff Keighley, it’s all been incredibly cringe-worthy.

      End result is beautiful though, so it’s okay ;)

      • Beautiful is a good word for this :) I’ve run out of things to say about Metal Gear, I just fucking love it all, I prefer Kojimas stories to any comic book or gritty spy novel inspired narrative, the whole series is just plain awesome.

  7. Exclusive lol I’m playing

  8. 9 year coma = Phantom Pain = “It was all a dream!?”

    Looked great, very tempted to finally get around to playing MGS4

    • Oh you should, and have you tried Peace Walker yet? It seems the new games follow on from that so it’s probably worth getting familiar with.

      • I will do, cheers for the heads up! :)

  9. Assuming this is straight after Peace Walker and Boss wakes up after 9 years, it’s based around 1983. Maggie Thatcher as a super villain?

  10. Greatest day ever.

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