Nintendo Web Framework Paves the Way For Wii U HTML Applications

Now, this is really big news. Soon, web developers will be able to use HTML, JavaScript or CSS to create applications – and even games – for the Wii U. There’s support for the GamePad, Wiimotes and video playback built in, so some really cool multi-screen stuff could be created with this development environment, dubbed Nintendo Web Framework.

It could even add to current games too, with dedicated applications extending the experience outside of the game. Developers seem really impressed so far and this could make Nintendo’s console the place to be for smaller indie developers this year.

There’s a lot of interesting chatter floating around on twitter now, too; Scott Nichols, a freelance writer, describes the development kit as “really slick” and says that there’s a button that allows you to send the build to Nintendo instantly. Whereas developer Brian Davis says that it seems very easy to port existing apps. A writer from Polygon, Philip Kollar, confirmed that Nintendo would like to see games made through the service as well as applications.

I’d really love to see the talk that Nintendo held – it’s the smartest and most grown up decision they’ve made so far with the Wii U. They’ve got a developer sign-up page, which reminds us that Unity is available for the Wii U, too. These are both great ways to develop games and a lot of interesting things could come from this.

It seems like a very easy way for developers to get their apps to Nintendo and it looks like it could really kick-off, if it goes right. Essentially, this is Nintendo’s answer to PlayStation Mobile or MicroSoft’s XNA environment and I’m very excited.

Source: GAF


  1. Sounds very promising!

    At the least it’ll allow developers to easily migrate stuff across, but hopefully it’ll make Nintendo’s console a home for unique indie experiences that can’t be replicated on other machines.

  2. This is a really simple but really clever idea! Hope it does well :)

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