PS3 Gets Free Streaming Movies With Dedicated “Crackle” App

Just a quick heads up – Crackle is now available as part of the PS3’s Video Store in Europe.

Crackle is a free movie streaming service [more here] and features lots of lesser-known movies (and some TV shows) that can now be streamed to your PS3.


The Sony-owned service has been available for a while in the US.

Update: apparently this is UK only, not Europe at all…



  1. OOooh, just had a look and they have the complete Rurouni Kenshin series on there and all for free.

    On closer inspection though, adverts every 5 mins :S

  2. not a bad service, if you can put up with the ads.
    but it’s free, and they’ve got to make their money some how.

    if ads are the price for free content, i think i can live with that.

    don’t they have that Starship Troopers CGI series? or is that one of those other free video services?
    been wanting to watch that for years, but i only ever caught the odd episode on tv.

  3. crackles of those free services that I’ve never understood? as its not very good! I’ve had it on my iPad and Xbox and it’s pretty poor I know it’s free but considering most film and tv is free on the Internet these days why bother,

  4. Funny timing, I was on my PS3 the other day and I wondered why this wasn’t available as I knew it was a Sony thing.

  5. I had a look at this on my iPhone, then swiftly deleted the app. I can find lots of TV shows and movies I’ve never heard of on Netflix, cheers!

  6. Where is it? Not under Tv/Video, not on store either

  7. Jackie Chan adventures is a good cartoon.

    • Oh yeah, I remember it being hilarious. I hope this is available all across Europe.

  8. Just realised it streams from the Store not through an official app like the US.

    • OH that’s why I couldnt find it :)

  9. Just had a look at what’s available on their website, nothing in the catalogue takes my interest, most of it I’ve never even heard of.

  10. Just create a yank account and download the app from there (i did it months back)

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