EA’s Peter Moore Thinks There’s Still Plenty Of Life In Console Business

Peter Moore is tipped by many to be the man settling into John Riccitiello’s vacated CEO’s chair, when the company gets around to appointing a new boss.

He’s currently EA’s COO so it’s hardly surprising that he’s going to be very positive about some core aspects of EA’s business. But I happen to agree with him so I’m going to give his words a little bit more of a platform, if you don’t like that, you can call me an EA drone in the comments again. I love that shit.


Moore says that “the demise of console gaming is very premature as far as [EA is} concerned,” pointing out that it’s still “the majority of [their] business.” He wen’t on to insist that “people still want core games. People want to sit back in their living rooms, take advantage of their HD TVs, and play fully immersive games.”

Yes, that all sounds like exactly what I want. I mean, I love handheld games while I’m waiting for a phone call, avoiding some crap rom-com my wife is watching or sitting on the porcelain throne. I’m partial to a little bit of mobile gaming when I’m waiting in the car to pick someone up, or for the kettle to boil when I’m making a brew. But I’m happiest in my gaming life when you give me a big-screen HDTV, a pair of surround sound headphones and put a DualShock 3 in my sweaty little paws.

Despite all the recent hate EA has been getting about business practices, creative direction and dodgy launch windows, they’re one of the biggest companies that are still trying to push this way of playing games. Even though I’m not happy with all the things they do, I’m pleased about that.

Moore also said that he thinks it’ll be another two years before digital sales start to outstrip their retail releases, something which might not sound all that fantastic to the people at GameStop.

Source: Gamespot



  1. I slightly prefer handhelds, but it doesn’t help that the Vita is almost ruined to me because of a bad save system for digital games. Its frustrating…. the PSP and PS3 does it right. (lil rant..)
    Anyway I don’t see mobile doing much to the main core of gaming, millions will still prefer to play the same way as its always been for a while until VR becomes real hehe ^_^

  2. Definitely about the big screen experience.

    The odd spot of mobile is fine when skiving work or stuck on a journey but Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, XCOM, Ni no Kuni et al are definitely proving there’s still life in the big black box yet.

  3. “if you don’t like that, you can call me an EA drone in the comments again. I love that shit.”

    And this is why I love TSA so much. Well said!

  4. you big old ea drone you. ^_^

    as it happens, i also agree.
    one of my favourite games i’ve been playing lately is an ios title i mentioned the other week, called The Blockheads.
    but i’d still consider myself primarily a console gamer.
    if i buy a game, 99 times out of 100 it’ll be a console title.
    though i have bought a few android games on my kindle, they had the Spiderman and Dark Knight games on sale for 99p the other week.
    i couldn’t see me spending anywhere near the kind of prices i pay for console games on an android or ios title.

    but the big draw of console games over ios/android is the controls, my Kindle can output to my tv so i could play on the big screen, but a virtual stick and icons on the screen will never be as good as the tactile feel of a physical stick and real buttons.
    plus, a proper joypad also means i’m not obscuring the screen with my thumbs.

    of course i doubt i’ll be taking any part in making ea’s console titles successful as their practices mean i choose not to buy most, if not all, their titles preowned only.

  5. A company like EA has to have its fingers in as many pies as possible, they have to make money & I agree that consoles, whichever one you choose, have a place under the big tv. They provide a vastly more immersive experience that a phone or tablet will ever provide.

  6. What he said. Tombraider, Bioshock,Far Cry etc just cry out for the big screen.
    Ok, I’m using a PC and a Logitech Sixaxis lookylikey – and the PC is to one side of the TV not underneath – but the rest of the sentiment applies.
    On mobile/handheld I mostly only play casual games, I just can’t get any enthusiasm for anything more complex than say “Bastion” or “Horn”.

  7. All the new ‘open source’ consoles that are being released this year proves that there are still loads of people who like their gaming on the big screen.
    With your PS4 games playable on Vita etc. it’s the best of both worlds.

  8. Agreed completely. To be absolutely honest, I couldn’t give a flying foof-flap about mobile gaming and wouldn’t miss it at all if it disappeared. However, there are millions of gamers who enjoy this lovely pastime on the go which is fine with me. Room for all!

  9. I very rarely play games on my phone, mainly due to not being a big fan of touchscreen over a proper controller, and increasingly piss-poor eyesite getting worse over time. (It’s a good combination – bad eyesite & fat, screen covering fingers ;p)
    Give me a big-screen telly & my ps3, and i’m like a pig in shit though. Long live console gaming.

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