Stealth Bastard Coming To PS3 And PS Vita

Sony really are racking up the indie titles for Vita, and the latest announcement is for acclaimed PC sneak ’em up, Stealth Bastard.

The game is described as a “deadly stealth platform game with a fast paced twist” and finds the little bastard (ahem) trying to escape from a network of chambers packed full of robots, booby traps and things that want to end his life as quickly as possible.

The game will ship with eighty levels spread over eight worlds and will also include a level editor, but when it does land on the PSN later this summer it will not be called Stealth Bastard.

Sony are rather touchy about rude words so Curve have announced a competition to rename the game for its release on PlayStation. The winner will gain a credit in the game plus a shiny PlayStation Vita, click this link to enter.

Source: EU PS Blog.


  1. I love how quickly the Vita has become the home of portable indie development (other than mobiles of course). A shame that few of them challenge the Vita’s tech specs though, I’m still waiting for something that’s as jaw-dropping at Uncharted…

    • The Vitas lower resolution and ability to write straight to the metal should keep it in front of mobiles for a while longer. And then there’s the buttons and sticks and bigger budgets too.

  2. Cool. The Vita is the perfect platform to enjoy Indies on.

  3. That’s an awesome name. Hopefully Sony can make the Vita the home of indie titles. They’re certainly trying their best

  4. great to see so many indies coming to Vita. Although, if I’d bought a Vita for those “full console” games that they made a big deal out of, I might be a little perturbed that there are so many indie ports being announced and so few quality AAA games.

    Also, it’s a real shame that they’re being made to change the name but I guess Sony doesn’t want morons moaning and this is the easiest route.

    • One would hope that with strong indie sales and units being shifted, AAA games would follow. Besides tehres new Assassins, Killzone etc

      • Indie games won’t shift Vitas.

      • Interesting, you hypothesized that exact statement to be true a while back when talking about RCR :)

    • I got a Japanese copy of Phantasy Star Online 2. My Vita purchase finally started making sense! :D Everything that comes out now is just a bonus. ; )

  5. Seems it might be given a proper HD-fication, similar to Velocity.

  6. Have put my submission in I went for “Stealth Barsteward” not really arsed about winning a vita as I have one already but a free game yes please.

  7. Stealth Bastard is a cracking game, another great addition to the PSN roster! The styling reminds me of GTA2, it’s quite nice. Bloody hard game though, Vitas might not be up to the frustration pummelling it can induce.

  8. I vote they change the name to “stealth cunt”

    • Haha! That would serve them right. :D

  9. Vita needs full games not these throw away indie titles that i could play on a phone. All that power is going to waste.

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