Jet Set Willy Creator Matthew Smith Making New Game

Matthew Smith, creator of ZX Spectrum classics Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy and the unpublished (and very mysterious) MegaTree, is to create a brand new game.

It’s been 30 years since Smith last made a game, but he’s now teaming up with Elite (who have recently published bundles of emulators for iOS devices).

There’s no information on what that game might be all about, but we’re hoping for something running at 192p resolution, with 8 colours and single channel sound.

Source: Press release.



  1. No “we’re” not.

    • I am, so that’s two of us. Two is enough for “we” ;)

      • I’m going to side with Tuffcub. Not because i agree with him but just for the sole purpose of winding you up. :P

      • “We’re” implies all of TSA Staff (for it is they who made this post) like retro bollocks which is obviously not true.

        “We (except for TC) are..” or “some of us” would be correct.

        I dont like people speaking my behalf, it’s one of my pet hatres and actually gets me very, very annoyed.

  2. Smith does realise that gaming has evolved during the past 30 years. If he doesn’t, then he will struggle to sell the game. Bloody hell! Gaming has been around for more then 30 years. :O Oh, tis a bit disappointing it will be a IOS game as i would have thought Steam would have been his first choice due to how friendly it is to indie developers. From what i’ve heard.

  3. Man, I used to spend hours on Manic Miner when I was at school (and many hours shouting at the TV when I died just before collecting the last item on levels) so It’ll be interesting to see what Smith & Elite come up with.

    Also, Is it just me or does he look a bit like Jack Dee. (albeit, a less grumpy version)

  4. Glad to hear he’s up to something , I’m still waiting for an official patch, poke, update or whatever to fix the bug preventing completion of Jet Set Willy. Been playing it every night since 1984 and it’s driving me insane.

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