Microsoft Studio’s Creative Director Speaks About An Always-On Requirement

Adam Orth, Creative Director at Microsoft Studios, would probably know whether the next Xbox has the oft-rumoured, hugely controversial always-on connection requirement. Yesterday new citations surfaced that pointed to two individual sources saying this is the case, which has caused at least one Microsoft employee to speak up.

It’s worth noting that Tweets don’t always represent the views of an employer, of course, but Adam Orth said last night that he didn’t “get the drama around having an ‘always on’ console”, saying that “every device now is ‘always on’. That’s the world we live in.”

“#dealwithit,” he added.

Well, judging by comments on our site, consumers will deal with it by not really getting very excited about the console. Hardly the most comprehensive market research but remember the Xbox has always had issues with piracy and if all this is true it’s not hard to find reason for doing it.

But, anyway, back to this story. After Adam was queried what this might mean for those without an internet connection, he replied that “those people should definitely get with the times and get the internet,” adding that “it’s awesome.”

“Sometimes the electricity goes out,” he tweeted, “I will not purchase a vacuum cleaner.”

Adam’s tweets are protected but screengrabs of when they were public are available at both the source links below. It’s a very strange situation – although Adam makes no reference to a specific Xbox console it’s not hard to read between the lines, even if we’re reading it completely wrong.

Does this mean the next Xbox will require an always-on connection? No, of course not. Microsoft haven’t even acknowledged the new machine publicly, and everything and anything can change before they do. But it does make you wonder if that was the plan at some point.

And now surely Microsoft has to respond…

Via GAF, Kotaku.


  1. “those people should definitely get with the times and get the internet,” – what an arse; as if everyone who has a console also has an incredibly steady connection that costs but pennies to run!

    • Totally agree, this has really put me off thinking about looking at the next Microsoft console (which I was willing to do this gen) but not anymore. With an attitude like that, I would rather put my money into a company that isn’t so fucking arrogant.

      • Good luck finding one ;P

      • I’m actually more of a fan of the Xbox the Playstation (only from this gen, was the other way around last time) but the way he spoke has really made me think about getting it. he was a fucking prick. I have fairly good internet but there’s still loads of people who just can’t get it.

  2. If this is the case then Microsoft have completely lost the plot. Gamers are an incredibly fickle bunch, ask Sega.

    • Lost the plot, and lost the next gen battle for gamer support before it’s even started.

  3. “Sometimes the electricity goes out,” he tweeted, “I will not purchase a vacuum cleaner.”

    There is a thing called alternative & we call that a mop & a broom.

    I love people who work at MS, nice people they are & friendly

    • Yeah there is certainly a difference. If I was playing a single-player game on PS3 and my connection goes I just get a small notification saing I’ve been disconnected from PSN, and continue play happily. If an internet connection was always required, the difference is that I’d be kicked from the game and my progress lost. How is that a good idea?

      • Exactly I agree, not everyone plays games online unless trying clean up the online trophies that’s about it really

  4. God, what an arrogant prick. If it’s true the new XBOX has an always on requirement, then I hope it’s it’s downfall.

    We’ve had trouble enough with other always online games (Diablo 3, SimCity,…).

    I think Sony once mentioned 1 out of 5 Playstation 3s never goes online; that’s a huge slice of the market.

    • And the PS3 isn’t even the console plagued with rampant pirating!

  5. Guys, how can anyone still be in doubt? Of course they will design their next console with anti-piracy in mind, and checking with home base before you start a game seems the way they have gone. Lets face facts here, Xbox360 has so much piracy its ridiculous, I heard Injustice: Gods Among Us is already on a torrent site yesterday for gods sake!

    What will this mean for Microsoft? Less console sales, more official game sales. They obviously are putting more weight into game sales/developer support this time round.

    • Sony has done pretty good job against anti-piracy (compared to xbox) with the PS3 so surely MS could do better without having to go down the ‘always on’ route…….or maybe it’s an easier option.

  6. What an arrogant piece of work. Just reading this has really put me off Microsoft next gen. Good luck Microsoft with whatever you do, I just hope it doesn’t come back and kick you in the face.

  7. That there is some quality PR give this man a promotion!

  8. I sense a re-shuffling of staff at M$ in the near future; way to make your case, bro.

  9. The danger of Twitter. Everyone working for a company becomae a PR agent. Surprise surprise some aren’t too great at it.

  10. The danger of Twitter. Everyone working for a company becomes a PR agent. Surprise surprise some aren’t too great at it.

    • I do enjoy a good double-post!

      • Bugger. I made a spelling mistake on the first one. Didn’t think it had posted since I got taken to my hub page for some weird reason.

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