SEGA Apparently Letting European Retailers Know Not To Expect Aliens On Wii U

According to one German site, SEGA has been letting retailers know not to expect Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Wii U, with the game apparently cancelled.

The Wii U version, outsourced, was originally meant to be the best version of the game, but Aliens has suffered critically following a buggy, underwhelming release on other platforms.


You can read our review here.

SEGA recently denied the game had been cancelled, although the game has been in some kind of limbo for months, following a no-show when it appeared on PS3 and Xbox 360.




  1. Not surprising, and disappointing for the alien fans/ninty

  2. Rumours? or more Wii u failure?

    Either way.

    Love it


  3. Was pretty unliely to be playing it on wii u anyway after the critical panning it got – Much better games to be playing!!

  4. lucky wii u narrowly missed out on that pile of shit…

  5. I’m amazed that they could can a game even though they’ve presumably already spent money converting it to the new platform. I would have thought that they’d already have spent the lions share of the money required by making the game for the XBox and PS3, and also probably have paid a sum to the disc printers and negotiated some of the logistics. I always wonder why they don’t try to reduce any losses and try to sell some copies of the game, even if its just digital distribution to cut out the physical costs.

  6. I suspect to be safe from more backlash from Alien fans, they took off and nuked it from orbit. It’s no surprised that they may have canned it as it is generally regarded as a crap game that is mostly Call of Exo:Marinefighter. I think EG did confirm that it had been canned.

    I do wish that the Alien franchise would get the game it deserves. Just set it on a ship, have one Xeno stalk the PC and a lack of weapons and so forth. Hell, Dead Space 1 was more Alien then Alien:CM was. :O In terms of atmosphere.

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