Comment Suggests New PlayStation Vita Firmware To Offer Folders

The PlayStation Vita’s user interface has never been quite the perfect specimen we wanted it to be, and one of the most glaring omissions (aside from some anti-aliasing, if you want to really geek out) is the ability to put games and apps into folders, something the 3DS has offered for a while.


Well, that might be about to change, as SCEE’s Fred Dutton has hinted that there might be a firmware update soon to address this issue.

In the comments of one of the official PlayStation Blog posts, Dutton replies that “we may have good news for you very soon” in response to a query about “a Vita firmware update to stack your games in folders and for the memory card to save the layout of apps and games etc.”

Whilst a (near) future firmware update might well be just about memory cards saving application and game positions, it’s much more likely to offer up folders.

Via NeoGAF, image:



  1. That would be nice. I did wonder what would happen if you filled all the slots on all 10 available screens.

    • I’ve not long filled all ten screens, had to delete some unused apps to be able to see the apps I’d just installed.

  2. Folders really is the only thing I can think of that the Vita OS is lacking right now. I’m not really chaing memory cards on mine, but having it save positions for apps and games really is a no brainer to. Will be good for them.

  3. Amen to this! My Nexus 7, iPhone and even my PS3 XMB has everything stacked and tagged neatly. The omission of such a tidy feature at launch is one of very few complaints, so this will put it nearer perfection.

  4. Thank god for that. Also, where’s that Vita OS picture from? All the default icons are different which i’ve heard a lot of people didn’t like. Personally, the only one that really bothers me is the Party icon, which is pretty damn ugly.

  5. Excellent, as well as being able to sort stuff into folders it should also make navigating the Vita a bit quicker, especially if you have a lot of content on it.
    I presume this will also get around the previously mentioned 100-icon limit so the thought of filling a larger card is less daunting now… apart from the cost of course.. i’ll wait a bit longer for that perhaps..

  6. Finally, now all we need is a good visualiser.

  7. hopefully they’ll figure out how to fix game saves for digital games…..

    • Why? What’s the problem with game saves for digital games?

      • Erm like, you can end up deleting them if you need space? Its not even like the PS3 and PSP’s system. Instead the data is just bundled together thus ending up accidentally losing all progress from whatevers deleted….. like Rayman origins. You could back it up but the game needs to as well and then the save can be uploaded to PS+ which can be kinda annoying if without a sub.

  8. I’ve been itching for a new PS Vita firmware with a proper feature! Although, I do miss the kernel exploit on 2.04 after seeing 6.60 TN-V for Vita…

  9. Folders really are a necessary addition. Especially when you consider how many games you end up with if you have PS+. Good to see Sony continuing to improve things.

  10. Can we get a firmware patch so that 32GB of memory costs less?

    • Yes please! I payed about £115 to import my 32GB from Hong Kong, including toll-charges. It hurt badly seeing how little I got for my money, but it was worth it in the long run. I need more space now though… 64GB anyone?

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