Invizimals Heading To PS3 And PlayStation Vita

The Invizimals are returning, with two new games heading to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Previously only available on PSP, the brand new PS3 game will be called Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom and Invizimals: The Alliance is the name of the new Vita version.

The PlayStation Vita game will build off the previous PSP titles and retain the augmented reality angle (with 150 creatures to collect), whilst the PS3 game will offer up a rather more traditional console action adventure instead.

Cleverly, players of The Alliance will be able to link up with those playing the PS3 game via Sony’s still underutilised but technically rather smart Cross-platform play, with four player battles possible, and the exchange of bonus game items also on the table.

The PS3 game is being developed by Magenta Software, whilst Novarama retain development duties on the PS Vita version.


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