New Video For The Last of Us Shows How To Make a Beautiful Wasteland

Naughty Dog has started pushing out these developer videos in anticipation of the game’s looming release. The first of them looked at the Infected and how the virus works. This second video (above) examines how the development team has contrasted a broken wasteland with some beautiful scenes of nature reclaiming the city.


This juxtaposition of a fallen civilisation and a resurgent natural world is a very interesting visual style that should afford players plenty of opportunity to explore the world and pick up on some of the links back to the way this world used to be. The idea of a familiar world with one major component being radically different can be quite unsettling and Naughty Dog’s environment artists are some of the best in the business so there’s huge potential here.



  1. Looks pretty, but want for PS4 now, not PS3, sorry.

    • This video actually made me want the concept artist’s PSDs more than the game!

  2. Looking forward to this game – hell, it was reason I bought a cheap PS3 again. Naughty Dog games have a habit of dropping in price very quickly after launch mind, so I will try to convince myself to wait until Sept/Oct time before purchasing. That might prove to be a tall order once the reviews start coming out of course…

  3. can not wait to play it great video as well.

  4. That guy Neil Druckman reminds me of Tef a lot. I’m guessing it’s the beard.

  5. Was that guys showing us that he uses layers on Photoshop so that we can turn on/off certain parts of the image? That is mind blowing :P

    • Ha! Game too difficult? *switches off PSD layer with bad guys on*

  6. I have to say, that was the best yet. The detail to which they’re aiming for is staggering. The believability and solidity of the environments feel so real to look at it makes most other games’ level design look amateurish at best.

    It’s times like this that reaffirms how the video games industry can eclipse other entertainment industries in the bat of an eye. Sure, we have some serious maturing to get through regarding other aspects but to see the worlds being built (even on the ageing PS3) is phenomenal.

  7. Amazing to watch this. Best Dev vid I think I have seen. Being a photographer myself, its nice to see they are working a lot with light. Makes this game feel more like art than an actual game. It looks bloody fantastic.

    I can’t wait for this. Shame it wont be on the PS4 really.

    • Ah, but if they can do this with the PS3, imagine what someone like Naughty Dog could do with the PS4! Good times, fella. :-)

  8. I.Want.This.Game.Now!!
    the game looks so beautiful, so detailed and hopefully the gameplay and story is just as awesome!

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