Criterion Is Not Working On Need for Speed Underground

The creative director of Criterion Games, Alex Ward, appears to have debunked recent rumours surrounding his studio of a potential reboot for Underground. He took to Twitter to say “Totally fake. Remakes and Reboots? #movedon” which seems to indicate that the studio’s last game – a reboot for Need for Speed: Most Wanted – will be their last foray into redoing other people’s games.

But that’s not all, he returned to his Twitter account to say “May as well add this. Sequels. Reboots. Remakes. Been there. Done that.” which kind of puts the dampeners on hopes for a proper sequel to Burnout Paradise too.


What this does imply, though, is that Criterion is working on new IP. Considering the ability at the studio, and the potential for their next game to be on next generation console hardware, that could be very exciting indeed.

Later on, Ward replied to a question saying that there’s a chance Burnout might make a return “at some point in the future” but given how strongly stated the desire to move away from old work was, it seems that it’s not even under consideration just now.

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  1. BOOOOO! I want a new Burnout game! And does this mean they’re seriously moving away from the Need For Speed name? That seems madness to me.

    • presumably EA just has someone else working on the next 2 or 3 Need for Speed games. Sounds really promising that Criterion has something new going on though!

  2. Yay they’re not being forced to remake any NFS <3

  3. I found Most Wanted pretty dull, not at all as engaging as the original version.
    I would like to see a new Burnout in the style of Paradise (but perhaps with crash junctions), that was one of my favourite games this gen. That said, I am more than happy if a studio of their calibre is working on new IP.

  4. I thought that would be pretty obvious that they weren’t doing the next Nfs. They did the last one.

    They should try doing an off road game.

  5. Yay, another mobile game… I’m kidding! …I hope.
    I’m still dreaming of a next gen Destruction Derby game. Criterion would be the perfect company for the job.

  6. Good to hear, haven’t liked criterion’s NFS games at all.
    Also why does he have to be extremely blunt in his statement?

    • Did seem to be a little soaked with attitude. As if that sort of thing is below Criterion now.

      The news is a relief to me too as I haven’t found anything to enjoy in their NFS games either.

  7. What a shame, I really could do with a Burnout 4 on my PS4 :/

  8. I really was hoping I’d get a new Underground as awesome as the old ones. Apart from the Gran Turismo series Underground 2 and Most Wanted (the PS2 one) are the only racing games that have properly held my interest.

    There’s still hope I guess, maybe if this new Fast and Furious movie does well Underground 2 will become more likely.

    • Except the Fast and The Furious movies are nothing like they used to be either. The first three had a foot in the modding and racing scene but the last couple have been generic action flicks. Disappointing

    • The modding and decal stuff was great. Shame they reduced it from Most Wanted to Carbon etc etc. Its like having less parts to play with in the next Armored Core game. Its terrible for NFS.

  9. In a way I’m glad to hear this. Criterion sure know how to make some great games (didn’t really care for Paradise mind) but I personally feel they peaked with Burnout2. Time for a new project :)

  10. I just want a new Burnout in the style of 3 and Revenge.

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