News Snatch: Road Redemption, XCOM Vanishes And Dead Space Live Action

Road Rash is back, albeit unofficially, in the shape of Road Redemption, a new game clamouring for your cash via a Kickstarter. Let’s unleash the PR Blurb:

“Road Redemption represents a return to the challenging, skill-based gameplay that defined gaming on the Sega Genesis (MegaDrive), 3DO, and Nintendo 64.”

“The Road Redemption fighting system involves counters and parries. A stronger weapon is always an advantage, but even a weaker combatant can get the upper hand by forcing his opponent off the road, or into oncoming traffic.”

The game is scheduled for PC and Mac and will have Oculus Rift support, console versions will form part of the stretch goals.

“Most of the team members are seasoned Xbox 360 developers, and porting to Xbox 360 would be a top priority. We are looking forward to seeing how Unity performs on Wii U. We would definitely like port to PS4, when it releases.”

2K Games’ XCOM first person shooter has been mysteriously wiped from existence, the official website now shows 404 errors and YouTube videos of the game have been removed.

We asked 2K what was going on and they sent us a small chrome tube with a light at the end , we have been told to look at the light until the flash and… what were we talking about?

My furry ears perked up at the news that a file containing every single spoken word in Skyrim has been made available, at last I can make a hard trance anthem with “Fus-Doh-Rah!” shouts. Sadly the file in question is just the text, not the actual sound files. Meh.

money money money
Cloud computing firm ProfitBricks have posted an infographic which they claim shows where the money goes in game development. You can view the entire graphic here, the most interesting portion I have posted above.

SuperBot, creators of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale are still in business, “We have substantially shrunk down our operations but are still going strong while we work on a new IP,” said Director of Operations, David Yang.

My top tip for Superbot’s next IP would be this: Try creating a game which you can say the whole name of before people get bored and wander off.

And Finally, a rather awesome live action short film for Dead Space. I had not considered the franchise as a candidate to be live action-ified but this shows that it could work exceedingly well. Let’s hope some TV big wig watches this and starts work on a Dead Space TV series.


  1. The dead space live action trailer is really good! One of the better fan made ones I’ve seen.

  2. I suspect they have ditched the FPS XCOM and are trying to elimanate all traces of it ever existing. Wait, what was i talking about? I remeber a flash and what was i talking about?

    I hope EA are not going to milk the franchise untill it is dry as Dead Space was a decent franchise untill they focused on action instead of horror. However, if they do a live action series where it is 100% horror then i won’t mind. Would we have to pay for an online pass and pay for mircostransactions to watch it? Too soon?

  3. I thought they had done away with the XCOM FPS ages ago, i guess they are trying to remove it from existence now though.

  4. It look like they’re perhaps rebranding the XCOM shooter – which would perhaps make sense when everyone threw their arms up in horror at an XCOM FPS, and the strategy game was fantastic too. To be fair it’s a needless use of the license and probably only likely to generate ill-will.

  5. That Dead Space trailer was great, really well done. Visceral should hire him.

    After seeing this I really want a live action show, as long as they avoid all the ridiculous melodrama of the third game.

  6. haha the classic “quarantine lockdown”!!!

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