Big SimCity Update Due Tonight, Servers Going Off Beforehand

SimCity will receive its 2.0 update tonight. In order to implement the much-anticipated update, the servers are going to be offline for around two hours between 8PM and 10PM in the UK.

This update won’t introduce the oft-demanded offline mode but it does fix a few things that people have been noticing as problems within the game. Tourism numbers will be counted more appropriately after the update, including when they’re on mass transit systems. Gambling has also been tweaked to make it a more profitable specialty.


Among the less impactful changes is the fact that your mayor will now travel to work in his fancy mayor’s car – although he will use his limo, helicopter or sports car if you’ve managed to upgrade your mansion with those modules.

There’s been some tuning to residential-based cities too. They’ll no longer increase in density when they don’t have water or power and their residents won’t be as impressed by health or law enforcement provision.

There are, of course, plenty of other fixes and tweaks – the full list is available on the SimCity Blog.



  1. So when the servers go offline, you wont be able to play the game at all? I suggest everyone avoids Twitter 8-10pm.

    • that’s right – servers offline = no login so it won’t load your cities or let you found new ones. Plenty of warning though, hopefully…

      • Not the point tho is it? You can’t use someting you paid for. Expect Twitterpocalypse.

      • This sounds like this is new information for you. SimCity has been followed by a shit storm since day one. People know about this and have been vocal about the stupidity of their design choice since day one. Nothing will change when the servers go down for two hours.

    • I’d say this announcement was pretty unnecessary. By now people are so used to server problems in SimCity that they’d just shrug it off as the usual state of affairs. :P

  2. A lot of people will be annoyed tonight and this proves why that online DRM oh, i’m sorry not DRM but it seems like it but you are wrong, it’s not DRM it’s to prevent piracy thing is shit. EA do realise that people tend to like playing their game that they paid for right?

  3. So the recycle bug has been solved, great. Should start playing again tomorrow after a 3 week pause.
    After the traffic update this is most welcomed.

  4. No performance improvements for the lighting? It seriously shouldn’t be as heavy as it is, halfing my framerate going from minimum to low. My PC can run Crysis 2 better than Simcity….

    • I think that the update for the lightning bug was introduced an update or two back. It was under “improving performance” or something…

  5. always online… except when it’s not. o_O

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