The Results Of The PlayStation Plus Survey Are In

The EU Playstation Blog has posted the findings of its PlayStation Plus survey, held a few weeks ago and the results may suprise you.

Rather than shooters coming out tops, it appears subscribers would like RPG’s more than any other type of game on the service. The category stormed into first place with over 17,000 votes, closely followed by action adventure titles and then shooters came in third but only managed around 10,000 votes.


PS Plus Survey

Chris Howe, PS Store and PS Plus content manager in Europe said “I don’t want anyone to panic and think that based on the results we’re going to focus all our efforts on solely securing these sorts of titles for the service. PlayStation Plus is a service for everyone and we will continue to strive to provide a variety of content to cater for all tastes.”

Another suprise is how low down in the results multi-player titles came.



  1. Awesome. Although RPGs aren’t exactly going to help decrease my backlog.

  2. “I don’t want anyone to panic and think that based on the results we’re going to focus all our efforts on solely securing these sorts of titles for the service” – That is a valiant attempt at spin but I think what he really means is “We’re not going to pay much attention to this because it doesn’t really match our plans”

    • Haha, well said. What was this statistic for, if they just continue to do what they did before? Obviously people want more RPGs and ignoring that fact would show how little they really care about consumers.

    • Well, I wouldn’t say that. They’ve given away Mass Effect 3 and for the Vita Disgaea 3 (in the US, prolly later in EU) and Virtue’s Last Reward. Catherine and Okami HD could also be classified RPG-y.

      • Don’t let facts get in the way of a good survey bud.8)

      • Disgaea 3 is a no-no for EU as it isn’t compatible with all regions. I’d personally like some PSP games on plus.

      • I think that if people were offered PSP games or Vita games, they would probably go with Vita games every time tbh (trophies, online capabilities etc).

        Why would they start giving away games for something that is last gen though? In my mind, they will be concentrating solely on this gen (which they should be imo). Yes, they have given away PSOne & PS2 titles, but these are because they have been released for the PS3, not actual PSOne & 2 games sent by post or something! :D

        I personally don’t care for handheld gaming, so doesn’t matter to me either way. Oh & i am not a plusser either, so it REALLY doesn’t matter to me! ;)

      • I just want Phantasy Star Portable and Phantasy Star Portable 2 and it looks like we’ll never get those since it was removed from the PSN and Sega refuses to put it back up…

    • That’s rather unkind, if they didnt want to know what people wanted, why would they ask?

  3. Ok,now lets see a couple of rpg’s come up on plus now and again.

    • Folklore it is then.

      • Dark Souls more like, sequel is out soon.

    • Did just have Mass Effect 3 and as far as RPG’s on the playstation go, that’s about as good as it gets.

      • debatable! Never been a fan of the Mass Effect games

      • Borderlands is technically an RPG as well. A shooty RPG.

  4. Kind of looks like how I would’ve voted but I’d have had Shooters hanging out with Multiplayer at the end there.

  5. I think this is more just a reflection fo the type of people who are online and read the blog. IMO, and I don’t want to sound stereotypical or anything here, people who are in to RPG’s are more likely to be spending more time reading things on the Blog, they tend to be more the sociable ‘lets chat about games’ types than your typical FPS gamer

    • But judging from the amount of people who shout their hats off on the blog, you’d think the shooter genre would be represented pretty well. :P

  6. Does anyone know if multiplayer also included split screen? Because more local multiplayer is always welcome.

  7. Seems about right, I were to have participated in the survey I would only have swapped shooters with racing, and platformers with sports.

    Gotta love free.

  8. I think multiplayer titles are so far down the list as people generally tend to pick up the multiplayer games when they are out if they are in any way serious about them (CoD, Battlefield, etc), so no need to pop them on plus.

    Plus, there is the fact that some multiplayer games/portions die a death on release as a) they are terrible & just shoe horned in for the sake of it or b) the connectivity
    is utterly awful so people just don’t bother with it. As a lot of the games offered on plus tend to be slightly older titles, perhaps some fear that a community just wouldn’t be there for a multiplayer game.

    Plus, they could have been referring to mp only games, which don’t sit too welll with me either. If the network is down & i want to play a game, i should still be able to & all games should come with at least some sp content as far as i am concerned.

    That’s my take on it anyway – I know i generally have the thought in the back of my mind when i start a game about whether i think the mp side will continue to be populated & therefore whether to attack that first, so i think i am on the right lines with my reasoning! :)

  9. I like the results; pretty much what I voted for, except shooters would go behind racing :)

  10. Since I see that a lot of EA game come to the IGC, it wouldn’t suprise me if Dragon Age 2 or Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning would come to the service, since the sales in retail (or PS Store) at this point couldn’t be significant.

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