Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection Has Been Announced

Konami has confirmed the existence of a new collection for Metal Gear Solid, with the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection, which will include Metal Gear Solid, MGS2 HD, MGS3 HD, Peace Walker HD, VR Missions & MGS4. There will also be two digital graphic novels by Ashley Wood included.

However, this collection has only been confirmed for North and South America, with no mention of a release in Europe. Furthermore, this collection will be a PS3 exclusive. This is probably because of the inclusion of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots, an exclusive that Sony would not like to see on its competitors machine. However, a release of the original Metal Gear Solid on 360 wouldn’t be so contentious as that released on PSOne and PC, a well as being remade for Gamecube with the name Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.

Whether Konami will announce a release for markets outside the Americas remains to be seen but, in my opinion, if the company wants to expand the fanbase ahead of Metal Gear Solid 5’s release then selling the Legacy collection globally would be a very good idea.

Source: Press Release


  1. Have them all :( will have to skip this one :P

  2. So was mgs one never given the his treatment?

    • By which I mean HD…. Bloody auto correct…

      • Not an HD upgrade, no, but it did get an excellent upgrade on GameCube, known as Twin Snakes, featuring improved visuals and the ability to go into First-person view whilst aiming.

      • But it was over the top at times and looked out of place due to Matrixesque actions. Such as Snake doing a backflip on a moving jeep to avoid being shot. Snake is good but he is just a human, not bloody Neo!

      • Yeah I played twin snakes but it wasn’t really a HD remake… Although I think it was 480p compatible…. I wish I had never traded in my GameCube so many games I wish I could replay…. May have a hunt on fleabay for one….

  3. I’ve only ever played MGS4. So if this came to EU, I’d lap it up like a motherfucker.

  4. Even though i own the entire franchise(apart from a few games) i will pick this up at some point. MGS1 hasn’t aged well but still remains excellent. Hopefully, Kojima won’t end up doing a lucas and start altering parts of the game in the collection. :O

    • Argh, can you imagine Richard Doyles voice replacing Hayter in all the Big Boss roles, arghhhh! Ahem, anyway, I’d have to disagree about MGS1 not aging well, fair enough graphically it’s creaky and decrepit but the production values are still incredible, I think the amount of dialogue and top notch plot will always be impressive.

      Ill probably invest in this collection, they’ve been my favourite games of all time and to have all the canon titles in one box will hopefully sate my Snake cravings!

  5. I recently picked up the HD collection for PS3 when the Vita versions came out on PS+. I don’t think I’ll bother getting this collection just to fill in the gaps.

  6. They should have done this with the HD collection, it’s not worth getting

  7. Worth getting if you have missed any in the past. I just really want a New MGS game that is PS3 or PS4 Exclusive now really :-(

  8. I’ve already got all these so I’ll be saving my pennies for later.

  9. I have them all and my mate too, but knowing him he will get it anyway – Big Fan of Metal Gear.

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