Skyrim Legendary Edition Releasing In June

Eighteen months ago Skyrim was released to the general public. In the months after, DLC was also released in the forms of Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn. Of course it wasn’t all smooth operating as complaints were made of the game not running well, and the PS3 DLC was delayed due to bugs.


Anyway, Bethesda has now announced that Skyrim and all of its DLC will be available with the Skyrim Legendary Edition, which will release on June 7th in Europe. If you’ve already got the game and DLC then there is no reason to pick this up, but if you haven’t then this will be the package to get. The game will come with the latest patch already installed, so don’t expect any major changes in game play either.

Still, the box looks quite nice.

Source: Bethesda


  1. Will the glitches/bugs cost extra?

    • Of course. If the Fallout GOTY games are anything to go by they’re not gonna give the countless extra bugs away for free :D

      • Damn it,i thought that with the delayed dlc on the ps3 they might of been free.8)

  2. I’ll be picking this up when it’s cheaper as i don’t like spending £40 on the same game and DLC. Unless there is a fair amount of it.

    • shouldn’t be that much!

      • But it is worth it if you’ve yet to buy Skyrim as you’ve got 100s of hours worth of gameplay. But if you’ve got Skyrim, best off waiting for it to become cheaper. I know i will. Probably pick it up in September.

      • I’d be hoping to see a £25 price tag in most places tbh, and buying DLC alone would be cheaper.

  3. Now I can finally get Skyrim. Does anyone know if I’m still better getting the xbox version over the PS3?

    • I think they’re both pretty much equal now in terms or bugs so its your preference.

  4. Does anyone know how glitchy this game is (on PS3) when compared to Fallout3/New Vegas? I’m currently playing New Vegas and I’ve lost count of the crashes by now :/

  5. The number of bugs in this new release will indeed be Legen-waitforit-dary

  6. Just finished main quest in Skyrim on 360, poured hours into the game and for the most part was very rewarding.

    Think during my playtime, i’d downloaded 3 patches, yet game froze my 360 numerous times and the glitches? Mountain Goats quite happy to graze at the bottom of lakes without a care in the world, Dragons dropping stone dead and falling from the sky at my feet after leaving a cavern, an NPC asking me to find her missing amulet and then promptly getting killed…quest failed!.

    Guess your always going to suffer issues from a game this size, but the game engine been around since Oblivion and used on that, Fallout 3, Fallout NV, now Skyrim, plus all the DLC, would have hoped some of the more basic bugs would have been resolved.

    Had 1 OMG!!!! where have my saved games gone? (they were missing from title screen), but soon sorted that.

  7. Seeing as I already have the platinum for Skyrim from long ago I’ll give this a miss.

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