News Snatch: Dust 514, Next Xbox Rumoured DRM, Lobo And SimCity

PS3 exclusive shooter Dust 514 will emerge from its beta state on May 14th. This will be precluded with a large update which adds planetary conquest, new content and a much needed visual upgrade.

In related news, EVE Online is going to ‘Do A Defiance’ and become a TV series.



The new Xbox will be just be called xbox. Or Xbox Infinity. Respectable news outlet, Forbes, posted both images in the same article and could not decide which of the two ‘leaks’ were genuine.

I have studied both logos above for at least thirty seconds and have come to the following conclusion: I don’t care.

In other Next Xbox news, Polygon report that the ‘always on connection’ can be used by publishers for DRM, but it will be up to the publishers themselves to decide when and if they use it.

They also report that the console will have a video sharing feature much like the PS4’s Share button but details are still being “locked down” – sounds like someone is playing catch up.

Patch Snatch: SimCity was patched last week and rather typically added almost as many bugs as were fixed. “We are reviewing feedback and bugs that are reported and are working on additional fixes and upgrades,” said Maxis.

You can find details of which bugs they are targeting by tickling this link.

A quick trailer for the first DLC for Injustice: Gods Among Us which features “The Main Man” Lobo. Apperently this will be the pre-DC-reboot Lobo, if that means anything to you.

Have you watched the latest demos for Illumiroom for the next Xbox? If you are planning on purchasing the new tech then you will be pleased to know that accessories are already available to pre-order!


Joke shamelessly swiped from @Kev_J on Twitter.

And Finally, I could not find a decent game trailer to finish with so instead have a very cheerful Red Panda doing pull ups.



  1. Simcity news is rather disappointing…

  2. An EA game patching up their not finished games and causing more bugs? Never heard of that before……*cough* BF3 *cough*

  3. Out of the two xbox images lets hope it’s the right one as this has the word ‘play’ in it.The left one with ‘entertainment’ could mean anything like switching the console on to ordering pizza.

    • Not only does it have the word ‘Play’ in it but the actual circle logo with the ‘x’ in looks like a PlayStation controller button so I very much doubt thats real.
      Thats unless Sony sent a design imposter into Microsoft to design a subliminal PlayStation logo in disguise as an Xbox one.

  4. Ah, animals trained for our amusement. Welcome to the internet. :-)

  5. That Xbox logo on the right, just looks like someones put a couple of sticking plasters (or Band-Aids if we’re talking USA :-) ) over a nasty cut…..

    As for Dust 514…so much been promised from it over the past few months, the Vita link up has lot of potential, but why am i left feeling this is going to be another M.A.G from Sony? sounds great on paper, but in reality falls way short and does’nt draw people aware from likes of COD/MW/BF etc?.

  6. The left xbox logo looks plausible, the right one just doesn’t look, erm, right.

    • The one on the right looks moronic.

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