News Snatch: Respawn Respond To Exclusivity Rumours, And Hotline Miami’s Unique Co-Op

We start with a new trailer for Metro Last Light, what a friendly chap that is in the still image above – he just wants to give you a big hug.

And eat your face.

Linked In tells us that the Bioshock Infinite DLC will bring a new AI character.

Hotline Miami for PS Vita and PS3 has had its release window narrowed to “probably end of May.”

The official Twitter feed for the game also dismissed a couple of rumours, “contrary to reports from some media, there is no co-op or multiplayer planned for Hotline Miami.”

“If you want to play Hotline Miami’s co-op mode just have a friend punch you in the throat each time you die.”

More DLC rumours this time for Injustice: Gods Among Us. Brazilian website TechTudo seems to think that Batgirl, General Zod and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat will be joining the battle roster.!

Yet another GRID 2 video, this time we race around Brands Hatch. Look out for our thoughts on that particular game very soon indeed.

Variety reports that work has begun on the script for the Gears Of War movie. Epic Games will developer the script with producer Scott Stuber, the man behind Ted (yay), Identity Thief (oh) and Battleship (oh dear).

Obvious news doo doo doo doo do-do, obvious news doo doo doo doo do-do, OBVIOUS! NEWS! Newsthatisobvious! A-bing-bong-bing-bong… Destiny Special!

  • Activision are looking at the most profitable way to monetize the game.
  • Bungie say “there is still a lot of work to be done” on the title.
  • They also say it will look “awesome” on every platform.

Fears that Respawns new game would be exclusive to the next Xbox have been lowered as they have tweeted “Wow! Lots of speculation tonight. Great to see excitement about our project but you’ll all have to wait for E3 for details.”

So no game reveal at the Next Xbox event in May = probably not exclusive.

Quantic Dream are not against sequels but only if they are appropriate, “Ethan Mars loses another son? You know, it just doesn’t make sense,” quipped Co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere.

And Finally, a trailer for the Wii U virtual console packed full of classic Nintendo games.

I wrote that without a trace of sarcasm, what is wrong with me? Must be the sunshine. Tata!


  1. Jeez, TC. That’s a lovely Metro trailer! When the score (music) kicks in half way through it really becomes quite something. I’ve had moderate interest in the game so far (2033 was good, solid poo-my-pants fun) but Last Light has just leapt up a few places on the old watchlist.

  2. Grid 2 trailer looks good, although Paddock Hill bend is almost flat!!! The sky looks pretty cool though.

  3. The E3 thing doesn’t necessitate Respawn’s game being multi-platform, especially given that they didn’t straight up deny it, as you’d think they would. We already know the reveal is about the console/tech side, with the games blowout being at E3.

    • If MS have got exlcusives they’re going to have to announce them in May. Sony have got way too much of a headstart.

      • Nah, May is about the tech. E3 is about the games, MS have already said this.

        Exclusives can wait until June. Square Enix did the same at Sony’s Feb event.

      • They’re going to have to at least announce something game wise otherwise what will they be showing on screen? If the mainstream media backlash to the no show of the actual PS4 box was bad, not showing some games will be a lot worse.

        If they can’t show games at the unveiling and more at E3 then that’s a worry that they don’t have much to show.

    • Why say it is or isn’t exclusive now when you can get all the free press of everyone talking about your unannounced game.

      Of course there’s no guarantees it will be good. It could be another Haze

      • I take it you missed the ‘L’ off Haze and you’re talking about ‘Hazel’ as Haze was an absolutely amazing game!!!! ;)
        Although I have no idea why you would compare a game to a colour you dislike.

    • Perhaps Microsoft are negotiating directly with EA – and they didn’t bother to tell ReSpawn about it.. ;)

  4. Man, I loved racing round Brands Hatch in TOCA Touring Cars many moons ago so glad to see it getting another outing in GRID 2.

  5. Oh, and can’t wait for Metro LL as it’s looking excellent.

  6. I really hope the cars in GRID 2 aren’t as tail happy as they seem to be in that (and every other) video!!

  7. “If you want to play Hotline Miami’s co-op mode just have a friend punch you in the throat each time you die.”

    Brilliant response, this deserves a ribbon.

  8. Maybe not a Heavy Rain sequel with Ethan Mars but there are other characters that could be used to continue it.

    Personally I’d love some episodic Heavy Rain type content on the Vita. Seems a perfect fit to me. The cancelled Heavy Rain Chronicles would be a good start.

  9. That Co-CEO of Quantic Dream has quite the name.

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