Terraria Finally Gets A PSN Release Date In Europe

There’s not a lot to say about this, but we know a number of you have been waiting for this so we thought it best to let you know as soon as we did. Terraria has just been given an official release date in Europe: 15th May.

It’s going to be priced at €14.99/£11.99 and will be the same version as the XBLA one that’s been out, worldwide, for several weeks now.

Whether it’s too late to win over the legions of fans who have been complaining about the game’s European PSN absence remains to be seen but at least it is definitely coming, unlike a few others we could mention…

There’s a 10% discount for Plus subscribers.


  1. Any mention of when it will be available for Vita?

    • I want to know this as well. I have been putting off buying this on the Xbox because I would rather be able to play it on the Vita on the go.

    • the press release just says “European PlayStation Store” and “PSN” so if we’re really lucky and hopeful (and possibly a bit mad), we could say this might be both versions?
      Very doubtful though, in which case the answer to your question is “no, unfortunately not.”

      • PlaystationEU tweeted:

        ‘The PS Vita version is still in development. Look out for more news soon.’

      • Shame. I can understand PS3 taking some time, but I would have thought Vita was easier to port to. Oh well, maybe it’ll be a Vita PS Plus game.

      • I think they said it will release in summer.

  2. If it had been out at the same time as the US I would have bought it while caught up in the hype. Now I will buy it, but when it is part of a discount sale.

  3. Yay!

  4. Waiting for Vita and Crossbuy.

  5. still time for them to delay it again.

    even if they don’t that’s still nearly two months delay, and we’ll never be told why will we?

    i don’t suppose we’ll ever see Legend of Dragoon on the eu store either, even though it’s a sony title.
    on the blog they always pass the buck to the publisher, but when sony’s the publisher, and i ask them directly as sony’s representative, they either ignore the question or give a “no information”
    which is just their way of ignoring the question while pretending to answer it.

    seriously, if they want their business to go all digital in future they better get their shit together

    • I dun know, when I was playing it with friends it crashed a lot. Then there was a patch recently that might’ve fixed it… maybes that why? just a guess.

      • maybe, but given how often the scee qa department let content through that’s just plain broken, i tend not to believe it’s their rigorous testing that’s delaying games.

        blaming scee has almost become a Pavlovian response for me at this point.

  6. Too expensive. Will add to my list of ‘wait until it’s in the sale’ games.

  7. This game is £5.99 on Steam and is often discounted to half that price. Although it’s good to see some innovative PC indie titles coming to PSN, they need to get the price sorted out. Also kind of getting annoyed that the “most powerful portable of all time” is only getting glorified flash games announced.

  8. Can’t wait for this. Was this a press release then? There is nothing in the official blog, unless I’ve missed it!?

  9. About time. I’ve been waiting on this coming to the EU PS Store for weeks now.

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