The Unfinished Swan Just A Fiver This Weekend

The wonderful (and BAFTA award winning) The Unfinished Swan is just a fiver this weekend on the European PSN Store, with an extra 10% discount for Plus subscribers.


Read more about the game here and – well – here.

Grab it from here once it goes on sale. It’s still saying £9.99 just now but that’ll change shortly – the deal lasts until Monday. A great Bank Holiday weekend game.



  1. thats a good deal, might go for that. I’m currently loving Journey on my collectors edition.

  2. Seems like I’ll have to buy it then. :D

  3. Definitely worth it for a fiver :)

  4. My GF might like this, do you have to use the move or a normal pad good

  5. “no pun intended” but i really must get round to finishing this..
    normal pad will be fine..probably move would be nicer touch as you throw the paint around..

  6. Was waiting to see if this turned up on plus, but at this price I guess I should grab it now rather than waiting indefinitely!

  7. I got bored of it. Certainly not worth a tenner, mebbe a fiver.

    • Definitely worth a tenner. ;)

      Absolute steal at a fiver.

  8. I need to finish this…

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