Sony giving Away £20 PSN Voucher Via Xperia Privilege App

Got a Sony Xperia Z (C660X) phone? If you have, we’ve been pointed to this app on the Google Play Store that seems happy to give you a £20 voucher code (via email) for the PlayStation Store.


Not having such a phone I can’t test it, and your mileage may vary (some say it’s just for Music Unlimited) but it’s probably worth a shot, given that the app is free.

Yes, it’s there just to promote Sony’s services for that specific phone, but if they’re going to give you enough for The Unfinished Swan (with £15 change) then who’s to argue?

If you try it, let us know if it works. And what you buy with the voucher.

Source: Xperia Blog, via Twitter.



  1. My sister has that phone, I’ll pester her about it when she comes back from wherever she’s gone today.

    This assumes the promotion is running in Ireland too…

    • Think it might be UK only.

      • Typical, bloody typical! :P

    • Yup, it worked here by the way.

      Now to convince her to buy games I want to play…

  2. It works and I got £22 to spend on anything

  3. The Xperia Blog says 20 quid but what you actually get is 22 quid and a 30 day free trial of Music Unlimited. If you don’t have the Xperia Z you just get 2 free phone apps it seems, and it is UK or USA only (they get $25). I think if you tinker with the address your SEN account is linked to change it to UK you can get it to work. Don’t go to the Google Play Store, go to the update centre app on your phone to get it. I can confirm it works, downloading my free Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Thomas Was Alone expansion now.

    • Actually you can go to the Google Play Store to get it as well, sorry Alex C.

      • No worries, thanks for the heads up.

  4. Just tried it on my Xperia Z and it worked. Thanks for putting this on the site, wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

  5. I just bought a Xperia Z a few days ago, I’m in ROI and I just got E25 added to my wallet through this promotion. Thanks for the heads up guys.

  6. I managed to download the app onto my galaxy note 2 but the offer isn’t listed, obviously as I have the wrong phone. I’ll wait and see though I may get other offers appear at some point. I’ll leave it installed

  7. Thank you for the heads up. I might try every email address I’ve got a SEN account on.

    • Let us know how that works out.

      • It doesn’t work unfortunately. As you log back into app it tells you “you’ve already used this” message :( still happy to get my free £22 though.

  8. thanks for the Heads-Up on this guys….. I knew there was a reason I liked this site ;)

  9. Damn I have an iOS device.

  10. Worked for me fine on my Xperia Z, got £22.

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