Call Of Juarez Gunslinger – “The Story of Silas Greave” Trailer

“As a digital release, this game looks like it’s going to hit a lot of the right notes,” says Stefan in our recent preview for the next Call of Juarez game.

“It has everything you would expect from a Wild West shooter, but it marries that with some more arcade based mechanics and a lovely style of storytelling we don’t often see. A playfulness which has even leaked into the loading screen hints and tips.”

And a new trailer, too, focusing on the story of Silas Greave.


  1. Never thought I’d see myself interested in this after the last debacle but they have got their act together and then some… by the look of it. I’m fascinated to see how good things look (production wise) from a PSN game.

    Have they allotted a price to the blighter?

    • Ah, boobs. The preview article had what I wanted. A penny shy of twelve British pounds.

      You see… that’s a damned fine price for what appears to be a well fleshed-out game.

    • Looks like it’s another £12 jobbie.

  2. I know. I found out. Dullard! :P Refresh your page next time. You’ll see that my awesome Sherlock Holmes-esque powers of deduction enabled me to surf to another page on the internet and discover said tariff for myself.

    Good day, sir! *storms off and adjusts deerstalker to look menacing*

    • Learn to reply properly, and I’ll care. :P

    • This was a reply to Tef but I couldn’t be arsed to hit “reply” to your comment as we’re the only two in here. *sticks on Barry White album*

      • Please take your hand off my knee.

  3. Well, this is awkward but I’ve been here the whole time. Take a closer look at that painting.

    Game looks great though. Didn’t think Techland had another decent Juarez game in them to be honest.

  4. Heard about this a while ago and it seems awesome I’m definitely going to play it.

  5. This looks minted for a game that’s only 12 quid.

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