A Handful Of New Indies Announced For PlayStation 3, Vita and PS4

Sony’s newfound love of indies has been well documented. Most of the focus so far has seemed to be on the Vita, although most of the delights announced for that platform are also coming to the PlayStation 3. Not much has been said about the next generation of Sony consoles and their relationship with independently spirited developers though.

Well, now the lid is being gently lifted and some of the very first indie games that will be available on PlayStation 4 have been revealed to the world. GameInformer has the scoop, featuring them prominently as an exclusive in a space usually reserved for blockbuster titles that will need plenty of retail assistance in return from GI’s parent company – GameStop.

The Vibrant World of Hohokum

First up, it’s The Vibrant World of Hohokum. This is a colourful “2D sandbox game” by a two man team of Ricky Haggett and Richard Hogg. There’s a Q&A with the duo and a few screenshots over on GameInformer, too.

Counterspy is a 2D cover based shooter that riffs on the ’50s and ’60s espionage thrillers from movies and television. It’s coming to PS3, Vita and Mobile, from developers Dynamighty, later this year. There’s a lengthy interview, if this one piques your interest.

Foster City Studio has a history of working with Sony’s bigger studios as support on triple-A titles and its that smart, compact little operation who are now branching out to help bring some of these indie games to the PlayStation family. Doki Doki Universe is coming to PS3, Vita and PS4. It’s an imaginative game from HumaNature Studios, which was formed by one of the ToeJam & Earl creators. You’ll play as a robot, learning about humanity as he/she/it goes along – and you might also learn a little bit about yourself.

Primal Carnage: Genesis has been mentioned before, it’s coming to the PS4 as an episodic release and offers a single player fight against a world full of savage dinosaurs.

Blacklight: Retribution.

Blacklight: Retribution is another one we’ve heard about before but it serves to demonstrate the different approaches that will be allowed by Sony’s new platform. Retribution is set to be a free-to-play game for PS4 and PC that will hopefully show what Sony’s new console can do with a distribution model that’s not the norm.

It all goes to show how flexible Sony is being with smaller teams, and how open to new innovation they are on their platforms. See, I told you that Thomas Was Alone was the start of something big.


  1. Hohokum = hell yes.

    • Agreed. Seems to have a very similar graphical style to LocoRoco.

      • Un huh. Also, who killed off Locoroco? I want it back, dammit!

        Mahuma noi moi moi zephyr manyah moi moi zoi zoi zo…

        Sorry, ignore that last bit.

      • LocoRoco! ;_;

  2. Hmm I hope Honeyslug have 2 games in development….. I REALLY want a frobisher says 2!

  3. These look brilliant. I presume Hohokum is for the Vita as well, right?

  4. “coming to PS3, Vita and PS4” I like the sound of that:P More of that please SONY i.e keep everyone happy;)

  5. Where’s Pixeljunk?
    It’s great to see Sony build such a varied library.

  6. Hohokum looks beautiful. It’s a promising time to be an indie game developer; Sony are going in a great direction at the moment – good for them!

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