Lucid Games Teasing News – Rumours Suggest Project Gotham

Lucid Games is a studio set up by ex-Bizarre Creations developers. They’ve been teasing something since just after Christmas, with a “Road Opens 2013” signpost added to their official website. That teaser image’s alt text (when you mouse-hover over it) is “Sky Light” (all other entries on that page display the game’s title when you mouse-over).

Most speculation about what they might be planning is related to a potential reboot for the Microsoft-owned, Bizarre-developed Project Gotham Racing series.

Sky Light

Lucid has added fuel to those flames by posting on Facebook that “Mid-May will be interesting for the studio. We have some exciting updates coming.”

Microsoft’s next gen Xbox is set to be revealed on May 21st at an invite-only bash in Redmond, Washington but let’s not be too hasty. Sony has also promised some “Intriguing” new game announcements in the coming weeks – a timeframe which would also match up with Lucid’s “Mid-May” window. Given that the studio is currently working on something for the PlayStation Vita (and iOS) called “Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery” perhaps their news is more linked with Sony than with an old Microsoft property?

We’ll find out in the coming weeks, I suppose. I’m off to book TSA’s tickets to Los Angeles.


  1. I am loving this constant stream of news/teases/reveals of late…I am excite!

  2. PGR4 is a great game. Nurburgring in the snow on a Yammy R1 or Ducatti 998 was so much fun. The balance between realism and arcade was spot on too. Another PGR would be most welcome.

  3. Does Microsoft have any new first party IP news in the last few years? Besides Lococycle?

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