Sony Launches New “Indie” Category On PSN Store

Sony has announced that this week they’ll be introducing a new ‘indie‘ category to the PlayStation Store, answering the requests of both developers and customers.


Andrew Parsons, Director of Publisher and Developer Relations at SCEE says that the new category is “an exciting space where indie content can receive additional exposure” and “an opportunity to showcase the best of these great games for PS3 and PS Vita.”

The new category will be continually updated with new games and discounts, and will launch with a generous 50% discount on VBlank’s Retro City Rampage.



  1. when ms seem to be marginalising indie content it’s a great time for sony to be highlighting it.

    and RCR for half price?

    is RCR a cross buy title? i can’t remember.
    of course even if it is, i’ll only be able to play the PS3 version as i don’t have a Vita, yet.

    • Nintendo & Sony are both proactively chasing (yes, actually chasing) indie content, not just shifting copies of whatever floats their way.

      I’m sure Microsoft won’t give it short change, but from what we know about the Xbox reveal so far – Battlefield 4 & CoD Ghosts & maybe a tease for next Halo will take centre stage

    • Yupp it’s cross buy.

  2. Great news. I have 5 quid still in the wallet and wanted this. Managed to resist unfinished swan. Too many games!

  3. Love this, but hopefully the titles will appear in their relevant genre categories too so that people who eschew ‘indie’ titles can still stumble across the gems.

    • Completely agree. Cross-sell, for god’s sake!

    • Pretty sure they confirmed that in a reply the comments.

  4. Great idea! Will be sure to have a browse through this.

  5. About time. I’ve had a folder in the Games section of my XMB titled “Indies” for ages.

  6. Yeah, Andrew Parsons commented:
    “No ghettos – this is a showcase window in addition to the usual promotions and availability throughout the main areas of the Store.”

  7. Very cool. I get lost on the store looking for smaller titles all the time so this’ll be a big help.,

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