The PSN Store Is Down Unexpectedly – Error 80710D36

Don’t be too alarmed, but there are reports that the parts of the PSN have gone down unexpectedly. More specifically, the Store seems to be kicking up an error message and not allowing access from PS3, Vita or Web. Comments are flooding in to the Blog, with no official response just yet.

We would often get prior warning if there’s maintenance planned on the Store but as far as we’re aware, this isn’t scheduled. The error code people are seeing is 80710D36, which is characteristically vague but seems to simply be the “unscheduled Store Maintenance” error code that people have got in the past. It also surfaced around attempts to change the account password.


There is some speculation that this might be tied to expected protest hacking attempts that have been threatened against banks and large financial institutions in the United States. Given the PSN’s history, it’s natural to fear the worst at every unexpected error code but we’d urge patience and calm until we know more – it’s much more likely to simply be a bit of unscheduled tidying up.

Update: It looks like this problem is with the wider network, rather than simply the Store, for many people – reports that some can’t sign into the Network at all. Apparently SCEE is “looking into it” but the Japanese Sony site has posted that things are currently off.



  1. Its not letting me sign in on my Vita as well.

  2. I know that code, it means there is too much flootamine in the megacondensor. A little acidite and a good scrub down with a farklar-brush, it’ll be fine

  3. Urgh I just want to play Battlefield Multiplayer! Plus Fifa Vita aswell. There’s also Payday The Heist Meet tonight.

  4. Purge the warp core and inverse the particle stream and all will be well #StarTrekFix

    • Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow may also help….

      I’ll get my scarf.

    • A touch of Vulcan Logic: Either the network is being interfered with by Sony staff, or its being interfered with someone else. The idea of it being a random glitch is possible, but one that hits across the whole network across continents is unusual and quite possibly impossible.

  5. I noticed it earlier. Boo come on Sony.

  6. Error 80710… the number of times PSN has been down since the ps3 launched.

  7. Seems to be fixed now apparently. I can access the store and the JP website is saying everything is OK. Must have been some random tidy up.

  8. I hope its not got anything to do with this;
    I haven’t spent mine yet… :(

  9. I’m playing Battlefield 3 multiplayer no problems

  10. According to Ps blog they’ve just put in an invite section on PS store that is what it must of been for.

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