A Fleeting Glimpse Of A Blurry Screen: Naughty Dog’s Next Project Assumed

It doesn’t take much to set the wheels of gossip and supposition in motion. We’re all chomping at the bit for some news of new projects, new IP, new consoles and anything else we’ve not heard about yet. Well, that fervour has led to some… questionable detective work over on the world’s largest videogame media outlet, IGN.

They sent some camera crews around to Naughty Dog’s studio to record a chat with the developers of The Last of Us. The video is available on their site, if you’re interested. But it seems that many are unfortunately taking more interest in a fleeting glimpse we get of screen in the background. The screen shows two figures, standing side by side. They appear to be subjects in some kind of art or 3D modelling software but it’s too difficult to be sure.


The subjects aren’t dressed like inhabitants of The Last of Us’ bleak world at all, they’re garbed in similar attire to an historical pirate. So, one sharp-eyed IGN viewer has leapt to the assumption that this is probably Naughty Dog’s next game and at least one eager IGN reporter has leapt to agreement with him. Look, they even blew the image up to it’s massive, blurry best so we could all squint at it!

Is this Naughty Dog’s next, pirate based, game? Are they making an Uncharted prequel featuring Francis Drake instead of Nathan? Is this linked to Guerrilla Games’ recently trade marked IP The Order: 1886? Is there a sneaky Naughty Dog designer shopping for fancy dress costumes on the internet while the world’s biggest videogame website is in with a camera crew?

Nobody knows – at least nobody who is willing to talk. So, let’s admire those blurry images briefly and then make up some hilarious possibilities, shall we?

Update: Thanks to our own eagle-eyed commenter for pointing out that this is actually from a Dev Diary put out by ND themselves… I got confused by the IGN proprietary video player.



  1. Computer, enhance!



    • amazing. I’m getting ready to rumble right now.

      • It must be them! Ant is even on the left :O

      • Dec must have been on the roids or maybe weetabix/ready brek.

    • Ahahahahahahahah :D

    • Brilliant!!

    • Love it!

  2. Just to point out, IGN didn’t film this. It’s footage from The Last Of Us developer diary ‘Wasteland Beautiful’. Also, you misspelled ‘Guerilla’, Peter :)

    • good call, I’ve updated to justify my own idiocy ;)

      Also, I almost always misspell Gurilla… Goriler… damnit, GErilla!

  3. Naughty Dog and Guerrilla possibly working together on a pirate themed game? shutupandtakemymoney.jpg

  4. Although this cap isn’t anything to go by I think it’s safe to assume that ND have /something/ lined up for a reveal soon.

    If the concept art was an actual game I’d say an Uncharted through the eyes of Sir Francis Drake. That, or a new IP (I hope the latter.)

  5. Hopefully a new IP in the vein of Sid Meir’s Pirates! or something like Secret Of Monkey Island. Hopefully it is a new IP, whilst Uncharted is more than welcome the worst thing to happen to the series would be to go stale, diversity is a good thing.

  6. Uncharted through the eyes of Francis Drake?

    Possible, but it could also be Uncharted through the eyes of Nathan Drake, and we’re just seeing the latest villains which should have died off long ago, or think they’re pirates or the likes.

    I hope for more Nathan Drake games to be honest. Still can’t get enough of them- even the bloody card game has me addicted!

  7. Could be the pirates Sony are fighting with their firmware updates. Or someone at ND doing off-hours work on Assassins Creed IV.

  8. Treasure Island featuring the late great Long John Silver….or maybe just play it safe with Uncharted.

  9. It really hurts my eyes to squint at that.

    I’m gonna guess it’s a ploy by Specsavers, playing tricks on our eyes to encourage us to buy their sexy eyewear.

  10. You know when we hear some conjecture that’s been washed in the soapsuds of guesswork and then dried off with the towel of hearsay? I often die a little with those moments. I realise that the media feel obliged to report on such things because we must know every ounce of every drop of ever filthy little molecule of detail.

    Today, we made all of that look average at best. We have hit a new low.

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