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First InFamous: Second Son Screenshots Emerge

Excited about the next InFamous game?

Well, the first set of screens have emerged today, seemingly stemming from GameInformer‘s PS4-based blowout and circulated post-haste, as is the norm with these things.

It’s definitely a big step up from the PlayStation 3 games, although that shouldn’t really be a surprise given the PS4’s considerable boost in power.

Infamous: Second Son stars Delsin, who gains his powers after coming into contact with a crash involving a conduit vehicle. His powers are based around an ability to absorb smoke, at least at first.

Expect more on Second Son at E3 next month.


  1. As far as screenshots go, these are looking very nice indeed! Will be interesting to see what other powers Sucker Punch will come up with for us to play around with.

  2. Looks cool, i think i’m gonna miss Cole though.

  3. This could be the most impressive of the PS4s launch lineup, an open world built for the next generation, and with superpowers? Fingers crossed for an impressive draw distance, that’s were the previous games show limitations.

    • Can’t find the reference now but I read a while ago that the streets in the first Infamous were laid out at odd angles with each other to limit the distance you could see in any direction. I thought it was interesting that something as fundamental as the layout of the city was so heavily affected by the tech. I am very interested to see what Sucker Punch can do with the PS4.

      • That’s actually really interesting and a really smart way of dealing with it.

      • A lot of it’s based on how much time the team can spend on level of detail optimisation.

        Obviously Sony Santa Monica are masters of the Cell & SPU ,If you take the ridiculously large & detailed environments on God Of War: Ascension you can zoom in on something & no matter how far away it is it will have the same geometry & makeup… and all that is within the weird 256MB+256MB memory.

        Imagine what’s going to be possible with 8GB, never mind the fact it’s all superfast graphics memory.

  4. Delicious. Very excited for this. I think Sucker Punch is a criminally underrated developer, the sort that quitely works hard while other AAA devs loudly blow their own trumpet.

  5. It looks amazingly pretty.

    I look forward to reading Game Informer at the weekend, I had a quick glance through the issue yesterday on the iPad but didn’t get a chance to read any of the articles yet because of last minute study for exams.

    I hope there’s more advancements than just how the game looks though.

    Remember games like Motorstorm showing us deforming environments taken to a new level? Before things like Little Big Planet came along and truly revolutionised what’s possible in gaming of course.

    Can’t wait to see what next generation brings beyond pure graphics, which could be found on a cutting-edge PC. Most of the pretty games on PC at the moment are held back because of a need to play on lower-spec systems, whether lower-spec PCs or consoles. PC games won’t ever be built for the cutting edge PCs because of a need to sell games, so while graphics improve constantly, core mechanics won’t.

    When a console generation change comes around we should see things really take off. Well, except for the games which release across both generations of course.

  6. I’m waiting for a Killzone 2 effect somewhere, these look to good to be true :)

  7. So, so very excited for this.

  8. Amazing screenshots. Really liked the 2nd picture with a fire/flame whip for some reason it reminds me of Ghost Rider.
    Cannot wait as both inFAMOUS were awesome and continue to be.

  9. This may be a game that sells the PS4 to me, I’m not sure which one I’m settling with yet (of course haven’t seen any of the new Xbox yet). Kind of want to stay with the Xbox just for my profile, and the attachment I have to it. I am planning on getting them both as I have had both previously. But this game, and a few others, look like they may be swaying me to the PS4.

  10. Looks great. The only thing putting me off is Delsin. He’s one of the ugliest video game characters I’ve ever seen. And that beenie… How am i supposed to relate? :-)

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