You Can Now Develop For PS Vita For Free

Sony has removed the developer fee involved with PlayStation Mobile development. The fee was previously £65, and now means that anybody can create PS Vita (and the various certified Android device) games with no charge other than the hardware and software you’ll need to create them.


“Those of you who want to throw your hat into the ring of PlayStation Mobile development now have the perfect opportunity to place your game alongside popular titles like Haunt the House: Switch Galaxy and Beats Trellis,” says the official post on the matter.

Of course, Sony will continue to take their cut of each sale.

Anyone interested can click here to register.



  1. This is great news, I’ll definitely consider porting my game to it once it’s finished.

  2. I would love to try and develope a game, what kind of programs would i need to get started?

    • Just the SDK which Sony provides. It uses C# and is certainly extensive enough to create some interesting possibilities. Though additional software helps to provide the assets you optimally need, but we’re not talking advanced stuff from autodesk and so forth.

      • Cool thanks Avenger think ill look into this.

  3. Good news for the platform but has annoyed me a little bit because I paid the fee less than 6 months ago and will probably get nothing back.

  4. Good idea by Sony, but it really highlights how 3rd party devs have abandoned Vita and it’s only future is in a few 1st party titles and predominantly small indie games.

  5. Aw, if I had time this summer and hadn’t sold my Vita I’d be all over this. Oh well!

  6. Amazing. Signed up. :)

  7. Cool. It’ll be interesting to see what comes from this happening.

  8. The only game I’ve ever created is Nibbles in Basic. I wonder if my very poor programming knowledge would be enough to… nah, dream on Ron.

    • It is surprisingly intimidating. I used to mod C++ style for ArmA 2 developing AI, functions and procedures. It was quite simple compared to the PS Suite SDK. Mind I’m only trained in logic, not raw coding or building. Nor in full games, just engine-dependant mods

  9. Brilliant news. Definitely signing up!

  10. Do you have to have any developing experience to sign up?

    • No, but you might need some developing experience to develop ;)

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