Countdown For New Sony Game “Panopticon” Appears

Something called “Panopticon” has appeared on the official Sony website, with a countdown (or, rather, count-up) that will expire next week.


It looks like it’s meant to show that the video has been running for a million years, which is quite cute and mysterious.

You can see the countdown here [via], embedding has been locked out by Sony.

A quick search for the game’s name revealed little more than it signifying a type of building designed by an English philosopher and social theorist in the 18th century.

Panopticon is also Greek for “seeing everything”.

A trade mark for the game appeared at the beginning of February this year.



  1. giving off Watch Dogs vibes, a little bit. Interesting :)

  2. Apparently the ‘Panoptican’ type of building was designed to allow a watchman to observe inmates without themselves being seen. I wonder if this is linked to The Order: 1866 trademark.

  3. Hmmm coincidently just finished the traveller trilogy where Bentham’s Panopticon was a central theme. A traveller game would be great!

  4. intriguing. o_O

  5. So, it’s counting up. Does that mean it has to do with something that takes place in a million years? It is impossible to predict what a million years from now looks like. I want to see it…

  6. Well, Naughty Dog had those blurry pirate-ish people. But Santa Monica, Guerrilla and Quantic Dream all have next gen projects this could relate to.

  7. GREAT SCOTT!!! What’s going to happen in the Future? Time will tell. Tune in when it reaches 1,000,000 Years!
    D’oh got caught up in the moment. This does look odd and exciting.

  8. Hmmm. Interesting.

  9. Im sure Panoptican is a type of desert.

  10. Maybe its a sim like game were you run an opticians…a 1,000,000 years in the future! :P

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