Loads Of New Star Wars Domains Registered By Lucasfilm

We should begin by stressing that these registrations are not necessarily for videogames. It’s understood that Disney intends plenty of film, game and even television projects with its freshly acquired Star Wars property. But the proximity of this discovery to the announcement that EA would be working on several Star Wars games gives us cause for curiosity, at least.

First of all, here’s a list of the domains, as reported by Fusible:

  • gunganfrontier2.com
  • gunganfrontier3.com
  • gunganfrontier4.com
  • order67.net
  • starwarsalliance.com
  • starwarsrebels.com
  • starwarswolfpack.com
  • wolfpackadventures.net
  • wookieehunters.com

From that list, we can deduce that they’re exploring stories from a vast timescale in the Star Wars universe. Wolfpackadventures could only really refer to a squad of Clone Troopers serving during the Clone Wars that took place during and a little after the prequel trilogy of movies. Conversely, Order 67 will surely correspond to the proclamation made that the Third Jedi Council should seek peace with the Sith Order – that happened several generations after Luke Skywalker’s time.

The Gungan Frontier, on the other hand, was already a game. It was a kind of ecosystem builder where you had to help the Gungans (Jar Jar Binks’ race) colonise Naboo. It looks like there are several sequels intended for this child-friendly strategy game.


  1. Expecting a ton of shit to flow & any good stuff could still take a considerable amount of time… wonder if EA’s failure with Simcity Social & a clutch of other Facebook games has scuppered some of the plans though.

    • the EA deal doesn’t include any of the social or mobile stuff, just “core” games for consoles and PC. That might have been a result of EA pulling out of so much of that side of their business though, I suppose. Or it might have been a symptom of it – they didn’t want any of those bits of the licence because they’re removing that business from their strategy?

  2. I really hope wookiehunters.com is for a Duck Hunt rip-off!

  3. Couldn’t really give a monkey’s about any of the domains mentioned I just want a Battlefront 3 to be made.

    • Same. I can’t understand why it still hasn’t been made/never finished. Surely the sales figures would be out of this world.

  4. I haven’t played a Star Wars game since we had an N64 in our office and oddly enough did no work all summer. All I can remember is the last level jumping around some type of large chimney thing with Bobafet or someone like that flying around with a Jetpack trying to kill me. That and Pilot Wings and Wave Race which I remember was awesome!
    Games just aren’t the same anymore lol

  5. Star Wars Wolf Pack? Could this be the eagerly anticipated Hangover Crossover?

    • lol, that’s what I wondered at first!

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