News Snatch: Dead Space, Star Wars And Fat Crash Bandicoot

Capcom have revealed the pre-order bonuses for Remember Me, three exclusive pressens that can be used in the game to beat the crap out of enemies.

John Capenter, director of the splendidly twisted The Thing has said something rather exciting. “I would love to make Dead Space [into a film], I’ll tell you that right now. That one is ready-made,” he told Videogamer.


“I maintain that Dead Space would just make a great movie because you have these people coming onto an abandoned, shut-down space ship and they have to start it up and something’s on board. It’s just great stuff.”

This is just wishful thinking at the moment but in the right hands a Dead Space movie franchise could rival those other spiky xenomorphs, the Aliens. Dead Space would work well as an Alien style movie and then Dead Space 2 is more shooty, just like Aliens. Conclude the trilogy of movies with Dead Space 3 which could resemble Alien 3 – seemingly botched together by committee and the one most people prefer to forget.

Talking of the acidic ceiling crawlers, Carpenter (who is a big gamer) purchased a copy of Aliens: Colonial Marines and was less than impressed.

“It’s all about money,” he said. “It’s just another marketing issue. They’re trying to get you to buy the game, which I stupidly did.”

Obvious news doo doo doo doo do-do, obvious news doo doo doo doo do-do, OBVIOUS! NEWS! Newsthatisobvious! A-bing-bong-bing-bong…

  • Sony Santa Monica are making a new game but can’t talk about it!
  • Ubisoft Reflections are making a new game but can’t talk about it!
  • Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell is working on a new game! It’s called “Project Two” but he won’t talk about it!
  • EXCLUSIVE! TSA’er Jambo GT who works at Eutechnyx is working on a game but he can’t talk about!
  • EXCLUSIVE! TSA’s own Josh Hood is working on TWO games he can’t talk about!
  • EXCLUSIVE! Kev is working on something so secret he can’t even confirm it’s a game!
  • EXCLUSIVE! Just Add Water told me “We’d be a bit bored if we weren’t working on anything!”

EA have extended their FIFA license until 2022, this will include the yearly FIFA game plus editions for the World Cup.

“Our franchise has become the benchmark for quality and innovation in the sports video game genre, and we look forward to many more years of connecting with consumers around the world with our games carrying the prestigious FIFA name,” said someone who had recently swallowed a big book of buzzwords and marketing phrases.

Avalanche Studios, the chaps and chapesses behind Just Cause have got their hands on some Wii U dev kits and they have suffered the same fate as many a Wii U.

“We actually had some development kits that just collected dust,” said Christofer Sundberg, co-founder of the studio.

Also not coming to Wii U is the Frostbite 3 engine, “FB3 has never been running on WiiU,” tweeted DICE technical director Johan Andersson. “We did some tests with not too promising results with FB2 and chose not to go down that path.”

No Frostbite means no Dragon Age 3, no next Mass Effect, no Battlefield 4 and no Star Wars titles.

Back to Avalanche, and it has been revealed that the developer almost created a massive open world Star Wars game. Former Avalancher Oscar Burman tweeted “Actually, wanting to work with SW goes deep in Swe. Long time ago,in a galaxy far, far away, we almost got that deal when I was at Avalanche”

Furthermore, news from EA regarding Star Wars (it’s like everything is connected by midichlorians or summat) as the publisher has revealed that there will be no games from the franchise until at least March 2014.

Recently announced Wolfenstein: The New Order will not ship with a multiplayer portion.

Andrew Gavin, a talented man who co-founded Naughty Dog but has since left, has described Crash Bandicoot as “like the hot high-school girlfriend who put on 50 pounds.”

“His post-Naughty Dog games fall down not only in being too goofy, but in game play and balance. We tried very hard to make every level evenly paced, addictive and engaging. Crash was about being frantic, but at the same time relatively free of frustration – although some of the levels in the original were too hard.”

Andrew thinks the series is ripe for a reboot and has described how he would do it.

“There’s an opportunity to reset the history, and go back to his creation story and the original conflict with Cortex. In that context, you could reprise classic Crash 1 and 2’s settings and villains.”

“It would make sense to use a more modern, free-roaming style. I would concentrate on Looney Tunes-esque animation and really addictive action.”

And Finally, the official Bioshock film may be, ahem, dead in the water but this trailer for a fan film looks highly promising.



  1. Seems odd that the new Wolfenstein game won’t have MP, Enemy Territory was dedicated to just MP, although I think that was done by different Devs.
    Interesting comments from the Naughty Dog guy, but I’m guessing Sony/ND have the IP and not him so I doubt we’ll see anything come from it.

    • Activision own Crash, not Sony.

    • the MP in Wolfenstein (2009) was distinctly average and completely empty a week after release so ditching all that to reclaim development time for improving the core game might be a very good idea.
      I think Crash is owned by Activision now. High Impact were working on a reboot of Crash Team Racing but that got cancelled so they could help finish Prototype 2.

    • Looking at the more recent Crash games development history they really need to find one decent developer and let them see a game all the way through rather than changing mid production.

      If the next Crash isn’t really good I fear it’ll be an good IP lost forever. They may need to let it go exclusive somewhere again to gain some momentum behind it.

  2. I was thinking last week about how awesome a proper Crash remake would be. That and Spyro the Dragon. Maybe they’d be better off left unmade, as they probably wouldn’t do my young memories justice.

    • Best they avoid releasing a Jim’ll Fix It Game then too. :)

  3. A Dead Space film would feel very much like Alien, it’d be quite hard to set them apart really.
    Love that BioShock fan made trailer!

    • Talk of a Dead Space film made me think of Event Horizon, with Laurence Fishburne, with the whole “recovering a stricken ship and then everybody dies in a gruesome manner” theme. Though I don’t remember whether there were creatures in Event Horizon, so perhaps Alien would be a better shout.

      • The helmet in dead space reminded me of the front of event horizon.
        Tho no creatures just black hole technology.


    “Unannounced is our middle name. We might be thinking about something called Project Skyscraper but thats already saying too much ;)”


  5. I doubt it will mean no Star Wars for Wii U. EA will probably commission a third party developer to create an alternate version. The that version will probably be on 3DS, then up-scaled for Vita, then upscaled to wii u and by then be just a giant pixel :P

    • They’ve already said the Star Wars games in production will use Frostbite 3.

      • I know, but any bet that EA will want to release a version for 3DS and Vita, and the only solution is to do what they’ve done before and get another developer to make a non frostbite version. If they do, no doubt it will go over to the Wii U as well. Lets face it, next gen level of games will be un-port-able to 3DS, Vita and Wii U.

  6. I’d quite like to see a Dead Space film, but Carpenter is not the one to make it. The man was a genius of the genre, but sadly hasn’t made a good film in 20 years.

  7. Would love to see/play a battlefront 3 so hopefully it sees the light of day on PS4 & that Bioshock clip wasn’t bad.

  8. … I loved Alien 3 (sulks)

  9. Love the idea of a BioShock film. In fact, a trilogy could be brilliant.

  10. Awesome, I live that John carpenter is a gamer. Which kind of makes sense really.

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