Aliens: Colonial Marines Ships 1.3 Million Copies, SEGA To Publish 5 PS Vita Titles This Year

The distinctly average Aliens: Colonial Marines (5/10) has shipped over 1.3 million copies across PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, according to SEGA’s latest financial reports.

That means it’s shifted around about the same number of units (1.36 million, at least to retail) as the much better Sonic Racing Transformed, one of last year’s most enjoyable arcade racers.

It’s worth noting that some retailers are struggling to sell Aliens – it’s available at around a tenner on the UK high street if you ask around.

Football Manager 2013, on PC, sold 940,000 copies.

The same report also states that SEGA will bring five new PlayStation Vita titles to market this year, and seven to the Wii U, showing it hasn’t given up on the two formats.

SEGA are also “intending” to publish next-gen software, although the report is hugely vague on what or when that might be.

In related news, we’re sad to see that Aliens co-developers TimeGate have apparently shut down their offices.


  1. Saw a bunch of copies in GAME plastered in reduced stickers going from £44.99 to £34.99 to £29.99 to £19.99 to £15.99 to £10.00. Still not tempted to pick up a copy if I’m honest.

    However, I am interested in seeing what SEGA is bringing to the table for next gen. At the moment its stable of non-iconic IP (Binary Domain, Vanquish) doesn’t seem like the sort of material to get sequels, and Bayonetta 2 is currently Wii U exclusive.

    It’s PC line-up is -much to my surprise- its strongest sector, at least in terms of quality. Rome Total War 2 and Company of Heroes 2 look smashing. With Warhammer Fantasy and 40K strategy games further down the line its all gravy if you have a decent gaming rig. And there’s always Football Manager.

  2. I’m still yet to complete Aliens. I mean I’ve actually managed to enjoy parts, only because I’ve bumped up the difficulty to make it challenging, but other areas of the game have just left me frustrated.
    Without revealing too much there’s some small parts where they nail the atmosphere, but they are over too soon. Like embarking (spoiler here, if you care that is) into the space jockey, has great potential, and there’s real shock and awe when you’re gazing at it, but you’re in it for like 2 minutes and it’s all shooting. Disappointing really.
    Aliens Vs Predator, the alien side, was much better than this.

    Still, I’m looking forward to seeing what they do on the Vita.

  3. I’d like to see them bring a strategy game to the Vita. Total War and Valkyria Chronicles.

  4. I wonder how many of those 1.3 million copies of A:CM have been traded in (or doused in petrol and burned).

  5. Hopefully some of them are to be Phantasy Star and Sonic….. Maybe a Mega-drive collection omg.

  6. Aye, would love to see a new Phantasy Star game for any of the Sony consoles.

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