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Sleeping Dogs has received a lot of praise from the TSA community (and the rest of the internet, but that doesn’t matter as much) since it released last August, yet it still sits in my ever growing PLAY THESE folder on my PS3, having only been touched once near the end of last year. So, this is your chance to get your opinion out there and convince (or not) me and the rest of the community to play this game.

Originally set to be the third instalment in the True Crime series, the game was cancelled by Activision before Square Enix brought it back to life, with everything but the name intact. Despite those issues, it seems to have sold quite well too, charting at number one in its first week.

Critics warmed to the game as well – it sits at a score of 83 on Metacritic, while Peter scored it a fantastic 8/10 in TheSixthAxis’ own review. Although he started off by calling it “a reasonably unimaginative Grand Theft Auto tribute“, he immediately went on to say that it’s actually “a really enjoyable game.”

He praised the “living backdrop” of Hong Kong, which you can see in the video above, as well as the “extra attention given to unarmed combat” which allows players to “pull off some really fantastic looking fight moves.” From what I’ve played, the combat system does seem quite impressive – there’s a lot of variety in the hand-to-hand combat, reminiscent of great Asian martial arts movies.

Peter succinctly rounded-up his thoughts on the game by saying:

Sleeping Dogs isn’t original in most of its mechanics and narrative but the little things that differ from genre staples are enough to warrant your attention. The combat system is a joy and the focus on unarmed combat, rather than firepower, is quite refreshing. Hong Kong is brought to life and while it’s not necessarily the real world of Hong Kong, it is perfect representation of the action movie setting of the island and that is much more entertaining and interesting.

So, not entirely original but completely fun – does that work for you? Whether it does or doesn’t, we’d still like to know.

All you have to do is leave a comment below with a compact review of the game. We’ll round up all of these in next week’s Verdict article and as long as you comment before Sunday afternoon you’ve got a good chance of being included in the round-up. Don’t forget to put a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating on the end.



  1. Got on +, played it for about ten mins, was mostly sweary cut scenes. Got bored, turned it off, never bothered since. Avoid I guess.

    • The first minutes (30min) of the game are boring.. Give it more time and it will develop into something fun!

      • I have a massive pile of games to finished, so Im not wasting my time playing something that I find boring, and obviously you found it boring too so it’s not just me :)

    • I wasn’t sure at first but it does get a lot better

    • Wow. How ignorant that seems :/

    • Tuffcub, I was exactly the same. Seemed really cliched and unoriginal. If i wanted to wait 30 minutes for a game to be fun I’d play a MGS game again.

      Avoid it. Or at best Borrow It (maybe that should be a fifth option?).

      Bloody hell, I think I may’ve agreed with Tuffcub twice now :-O but not about The Walking Dead obviously.

    • I can’t tell you your opinion doesn’t matter I totally understand time constrains. For all we know no amount of time with the game will change your mind. Sometimes a game just doesn’t “work” for someone and that how it should be, but if I stopped playing games within 10 (or even 20) minutes because of a slow (or boring) start I’d never have experienced the likes of Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption, Assassins Creed, Deus Ex, Heavy Rain and probably more if my games were within eyesight.

      I’ve bought or borrowed games I just can’t get into, for example the fairly well liked Dishonored, but as gaming is my hobby I’ll dedicate at least an hour or two to a game before deciding it’s just not for me.

  2. Featuring a great storyline, stacks of content and the best melee combat I’ve seen in any open world title, Sleeping Dogs is the best of its kind in my opinion, making GTA4’s mechanics look decidedly last-gen. GTA5 has a lot to live up to. BUY IT.

  3. Buy IT:- One of the best open world games this gen the combat and driving mechanics worked really well and its a game i have gone back to numerous times.
    As EldaveO said GTA 5 has alot to live upto.

  4. An absolute gem! Buy it, plus it

  5. BUY IT! Thanks to Playstation Plus i am playing this game everyday.

    The melee combat system its one of the best i have seen for this kind of game. There is always lots of stuff to be done and that means you are not forced to follow a straight story line. Having 4 ladders to level (TRIAD, COP, FACE and the Dojo) adds something different and pretty good to the game. After the first 30 minutres of game is when the real fun begins. Must PLAY!

  6. Completed it on 360 then soon as it came on PS+ started it again ,It really is that good BUY IT.

  7. It’s a low budget GTA clone and a bit rough around the edges but, saying that, it’s probably more fun than GTA IV was. The unarmed combat is reminiscent of the Batman games and works well. The story improves and drags you in, after the rather crass opening cut scenes, with good variety in the missions.

    I got this on Plus (and subsequently sold the shrink wrapped xbox version that I’d got for xmas, but not got around to playing).

    I’ll say BARGAIN BIN as it’s good fun and definitely worth a play through.

  8. Mix the fluid combat of Batman Arkham games with somewhat akin to a GTA setting with a John Woo vibe & you are close to what Sleeping Dogs represents.

    Its part beat em up, part HK cinema crime thriller & part open world sandbox game & its utterly utterly brilliant. Literally one of the best games i have played this gen.

    How this ever came from the True Crime franchise on PS2 baffles me, as they were nothing more than a bit of silly fun really (that i did enjoy), but this was much more grounded, refined & ten if not a hundred times better.

    Buy it.

  9. Buy it

    I had reservations about the game like others but once I bought it I wasn’t disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, there is little originality here and the comparisons with GTA were always going to happen. It also has a combat system akin to the recent Batman games but it’s how the game is presented and game play flows that really shines here. Running around the streets or zipping through traffic on a motorbike are great fun. Combat is easy enough to get into with some simple controls and a few brutal moves that were well done by interacting with objects in the world. The missions were nicely laid out and the pace of the game was very good. There are some great characters in the game as well with some really good voice acting.

    The game is cheap now so if you haven’t played it then go and pick it up.

  10. If you like Gta games then bargain bin it. If not then avoid. I got as part of ps+ played for a while and got bored pretty quick with the same old mission types.

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