Call Of Duty: Ghosts Gets “Vine” Sneak Peek

Mirroring EA’s pre-reveal teaser for Battlefield tonight is Activision’s not terribly exciting (but cheeky all the same) little teaser for the next Call Of Duty game, dubbed Ghosts.

Ghosts will see its full reveal in a couple of days at Microsoft’s next-generation console reveal, but until then rejoice in the limited splendour of a six section looping video.


The video shows a polygonal man, a man holding up another man, a man with a sniper rifle, a building exploding and a man walking through some jungle. Yes, this could be absolutely any Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare, but at least we know it’s not 2D pixel art.

Let’s hope the team have some time to work in some textures before Tuesday.



  1. Is that building Big Ben?

    • Do you mean the Palace of Westminister, the clock tower of which houses the bell nicknamed “Big Ben”?

      Could be… can’t tell :p

  2. Modern Combat! I must have missed that release of the Call of Duty franchise ;-)

  3. Well about all I could glean from that video is that they’re reusing several assets from previous games, including what looks to be animations. Great tease, guys!

    • Indeed, looks particularly underwhelming if I’m honest. I really hope they drop all the gold-camo, quick-scoping bullshit and go back to the basics – something similar to CoD4 please, when the engine and graphics were fitting for the time it was released. Otherwise I think I’ll be investing my time and money on BF4 on PS4.

  4. Brilliant.

    Not a trailer. Not a teaser of a trailer.. A Vine teaser of a trailer.

    Someone kill me.

    • Haha classic!

    • ha ha, Tuffcub, I was thinking exactly the same thing. Even their last teaser/trailer type thing I wanted to put a gun to my head.

  5. Am I the only one that completely forgot MS reveal tomorrow?!

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