Is Quantic Dream Moving Into Mobile Gaming?

A poster on NeoGAF has discovered an advert for an Android programmer posted by Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream. I have done a bit more digging and found the original post on the Quantic Dream website which reveals slightly more detail.

The job description is “R & D – and PROGRAMMING SUPPORT” and is looking for an experienced developer who has already released apps on the Android Marketplace.

It also requests that the applicants have knowledge of Cocos2d-X which is an open source game engine for mobile platforms, this seems to indicate some sort of game may be in the works.

However the posting is for just three months, a Quantic Dream release created in that amount of time is unheard of and as previously mentioned the post is labelled “R & D”, research and development rather than game design.

David Cage has always been protective of his games so I can’t see them releasing a 99p Android title to tie in with Beyond: Two Souls, but perhaps there’s scope for “second screen” apps that host extra data about the game, mini games or just codex entries and things like that. What do you think?


  1. Could be related to Sony’s multi-device PS ecosystem. Your mobile phone could affect the story for the game after next in some small way or be used as a mico-transaction device between loading screens.

  2. Probably a companion app of some sorts. Nothing to worry about here – as some people may read that title and think ‘Quantic Dream are abandoning console platforms and making mobile games?’.

  3. Yeah, this seems like something to go with a game, rather than a game in itself.

  4. More expanding than moving but either way, it sounds fascinating – especially considering the sort of games Quantic Dream enjoy releasing.

  5. 100 millions polygons of emotion outside?

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