WeView Verdict: Sleeping Dogs

It seems that Sleeping Dogs is a very popular game! With close to fifty comments on this week’s WeView, it makes it very hard to include all of your views in this week’s round-up. On the other hand, it does mean that we have a big pool to choose from with many different opinions, although the majority of the comments were very positive towards the game.

We’ll start, quite naturally, at the beginning. Tuffcub was his usual cheery Tuesday self and complained that he soon “Got bored, turned it off, never bothered since,” feeling that the start of the game was “mostly sweary cut scenes.” That’s not a good start then, although the few replies below disagreeing with him praised the game, aside from three_leg_jake who felt exactly the same and is now a bit worried that he’s agreeing with Tuffcub a lot (wouldn’t we all be?).

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Fish – Full of Omega-3 and a deadly weapon at the same time.

However, after these two negative opinions, a multitude of positive comments followed. The first came from Eldave0, who compared it to the series that clearly inspired it, Grand Theft Auto. He said that it makes “GTA4′s mechanics look decidedly last-gen” and concluded that “GTA5 has a lot to live up to.” doomsday619 agreed with this final point, calling it “One of the best open world games this gen”. Eldave0 rounded out his comment by shouting at me to “BUY IT”. I already have, Dave. It’s okay. 

xploz1on, despite having a name that isn’t very typing friendly, said that he’s playing the game every single day, praising the melee system and adding a new “Must Play” rating to our system. It’s just that good. 

Jimster71, on the other hand, seemed slightly less enamoured with the game, saying it’s “a bit rough around the edges” but still more fun than GTA IV. yd, with his much more keyboard friendly name, pretty much agreed, summarising it as simply “Silly, violent, sweary fun.”

freezebug2 also had a lovely summary, calling it a “refreshing and unexpected gem.” JR expressed similar feelings, putting it in a “whole different league” from GTA. stueeeee reaffirmed this fact, highlighting the “unique” free running aspect and going as far to say it’s even better than its precursors – the first two True Crime games, although scolded the “run of the mill” story.

colmshan1990 offered up one of my favourite reviews, really selling the combat system: “The combat system is fantastic, a meaty melée better than [any] game I’ve played which ties in perfectly with Hong Kong’s restrictive gun laws compared to the US”. Even though he wasn’t sure of it at first due to it being labeled as a “GTA clone”, he soon found that it was much more than a simple copy, going as far to say we don’t need GTA V now.

Taking the “succinct review” a bit too far, Gabury simply stated “Buy it” and then presumably ran away, while The Lone Steven went the other way, leaving us a meaty wall of text to sink our round-up fangs into (those are actual things, ask Kris).

He wasn’t amazed by the game, feeling it was “clichéd at points” (or is that the point?) and that it’s lacking in comparison to GTA. Steven then almost frightened the entire TSA staff by suggesting multiple Tuffcubs could be a thing, although he was actually referring to True Crime. Anyway, it’s a bit of a GTA clone according to our beloved Steven.

Then there was the comment that I found must useful this week. This came from Man United supporter cam_manutd, who said that “The first 30 minutes is not representative of the game at all,” which has convinced me to have another go at it.

However, the Blair Inglis Personal Favourite WeView Comment Award goes to Forrest_01 who loved the game. I’ll let his wonderful words speak for themselves:

Mix the fluid combat of Batman Arkham games with somewhat akin to a GTA setting with a John Woo vibe & you are close to what Sleeping Dogs represents.

Its part beat em up, part HK cinema crime thriller & part open world sandbox game & its utterly utterly brilliant. Literally one of the best games I have played this gen.

How this ever came from the True Crime franchise on PS2 baffles me, as they were nothing more than a bit of silly fun really (that I did enjoy), but this was much more grounded, refined & ten if not a hundred times better.

So, yes, a lot of praised mixed in with some mediocre reviews and a minority of people calling to “Avoid It” leaves us with over twenty votes for Buy It, nine for Bargain Bin It, only a single Rent It and three votes for Avoid It. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a pretty overwhelming verdict in favour of the game.

We round things out this week with the poll to elect next week’s WeView. Just Cause 2 picked up a huge chunk of last week’s votes, so we’ll be looking at that tomorrow, while Tekken Tag Tournament 2 didn’t fair quite so well. Replacing them are Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. As always, you’ve got until the end of Sunday to get your votes in.



  1. This WeView actually got me to finally start the Sleeping Dogs I got with PS+ as I, like everyone, have a huge backlog to get through (whenever I read that B word I always grin and wince to myself – dirty mind).

    Anyhow, looking forward to Just Cause 2 – again stuck behind the backlog!

    • ps the point of this was to say…… Thank you!

  2. Lovely stuff and it has me interested in the game, for the first time.

    Top words, Forrest! :-)

  3. Never had anyone declare my name to be “keyboard friendly” before. It’s usually a confused look as to why I appear to be using 2 random letters and how you’re supposed to pronounce it.

  4. Clearly a fair trial, and unanimous verdict! ;)

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