Atari Fails To Find A Buyer – Assets Up For Auction

Atari is a name with plenty of history in the world of videogames. They used to be giants in the industry, dominating the home console market in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The Atari 2600 popularised the concept of a box that plugs into your TV and plays multiple games. So the company’s troubles over the past few years have been sad to see.

Now those troubles are coming to a head. After failing to find a bidder willing to take on the whole company, Atari’s assets are set to be auctioned off this July. They’ve set minimum bids on many of their well known properties, hoping to reach a total of at least $22.2 million.


So, what’s being sold and for how much? Well, Test Drive is up for $1.5 million after a couple of console games that had a fairly invested core of fans. Roller Coaster Tycoon could be yours, if you have a spare $3.5 million to spend. The most recent Roller Coaster Tycoon game was for the DS but the genre seems ripe for mobile platforms these days.

And for those on a budget? Total Annihilation, the well respected strategy game of the late ’90s, is a steal for just $250,000. This was the first RTS to use 3D units and maps and is fondly remembered by many of us older RTS fans.

Source: WSJ (paywall)



  1. Can’t see anyone bidding that kind of money for Rollercoaster Tycoon or Test Drive, and Total Annihilation has been kind of marginalised by Supreme Commander.

    The only thing of any value I can see would be the name “Atari” itself.

  2. Roller coaster tycoon, good times that was old school like Atari. Make a vita version.

    • It’s still great, definitely worth getting hold of second hand :) Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 even goes up to 1080p, how’s that for future proofing? RcT on the Vita would be incredible, same goes for TA and the likes of Theme Hospital and Sim City.

  3. Whoa… Atari built a time machine, traveled to the 19070s and dominated the home console market using 1980s technology then returned to the present only to sadly struggle in this economic crisis we live in.
    I’m surprised they haven’t turned Atari into a clothing brand taking the amount of Atari logo’s I’ve seen on T-Shirts into consideration. That could help.

  4. “in the late 19070s” Haha! That’s quite late indeed! Lmao

  5. shush, you lot :-P

    (I’ve fixed my extra 0 typo!)

  6. Bloody loved total annihilation. Someone buy it please!

  7. Its sad to see these iconic game companies falling victim to our horrid economic situation. I say ditch the monetary system and go RBE, we would all be alot happier!

  8. Quick Microsoft, snap up some more exlusives! You need any you can get!

  9. A legend in the gaming industry going “tits up” is sad news indeed. I still have fond memories of using an old Atari joystick (Aye. The stick & one orange button one) on my speccy 48k for playing Hypersports, Track and Field & Daley Thompsons Decathlon.

    Sad news indeed. *sniff*

    • Those games broke my joystick!

      • The only game that broke my Kempston joystick was Yie Ar Kung-Fu. Gave my Mum a shot and 2 minutes later I had a 2 piece joystick :D

      • That and Daley Thompson’s Decathlon and Track ‘n’ Field and not forgetting Kung Fu Master and probably about 200 other games where I had to wiggle my stick vigorously which luckily stopped once the speccy got old… Then I started to wiggle my stick vigorously once I reached about 14 and haven’t stopped since!

  10. Think I’ll dig my 2600 out & have a bit of keystone kapers action in memory of a once great of the gaming world!

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