GRID 2 IndyCar DLC Pack Trailer

Preorder bonus DLC.

GRID 2 hasn’t released just yet but a trailer for the IndyCar pack has been released by Codemasters, and the contents detailed.

The DLC will come as a pre-order bonus with the game, and will also be available after release for a price for those that didn’t pre-order.

The pack will feature four exclusive liveries and two extra routes at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track, so not a huge amount, really.

You can read our GRID 2 preview here.

The game releases on the 31st May.


  1. just put it in the game. Trailers for DLC before the games out piss me off majorly

    • Same here but I have a horrible feeling this will become the norm in the world of gaming.

    • Even more so when it contains routes for a track that are already in the game. That to me is just plain taking the piss.

  2. Just extra incentive to pre-order and get the tracks. and cars for free, just like lots of pre-order bonuses lately. Unfortunately I have a soft spot for games and as Amazon dropped the price for this version the other day it worked on me. :-)

    I think the race day version also has some other extras.

    I absolutely loved Grid 1 and really looking forward to release day.

    • ‘soft spot for racing games’ that should have read. My tablet keyboard can be a little unresponsive at times.

  3. Managed to pre-order this from Argos at a silly price, no idea if it’ll have any bonus DLC though?

    • Here’s hoping for you. :-) how silly a price? Amazon dropped from £39 to £36 for the Race Day version.

      • I wish they would only release only one, or two at the most, versions of games. These store exclusives are silly as you’ll be able to get the ‘exclusive’ stuff through DLC anyway.

      • Agreed that DLC at launch should be included for free to Everyone who purchases the game.. it’s like the old DLC on the disk argument again. If it’s ready at time of release then definitely it should just be added as a free update.

  4. Sooo, it’ll be the Indy oval and the Indy road course, both great tracks that we play in the GT5 meets occasionally in a Draftathlon (is this a word?)
    I think that any DLC that they advertise prior to the games release including bonus pre-order packs should be available for unlock in the game through hard grafting the single player campaign.
    These pre-game release DLC packs should really be time saver bonuses in my opinion.
    Fair enough if they think of new DLC additions after the game has been released, then that should and would be unique to whoever decides to buy that additional DLC.

    Nice DLC pack but should be available through single player game progression at this stage of game development/release!

  5. Looks pretty bad compared to GRID.

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