Gunslugs Heading To PlayStation Vita

Worth mentioning that this is currently only via a few Twitter mentions, but one of those is from Sony’s Shahid Kamal and another is from, well, the developers.

So, in lieu of an easily available official announcement or a press release, it looks like indie Android hit Gunslugs is heading to the PlayStation Vita.

What’s Gunslugs? It’s a crazy 2D sidescrolling action shooter currently doing the rounds on Android, and will be a perfect fit for the Vita’s buttons.

Besides, one of the playable characters is called Johnny Rumble. Sold.


  1. Pixel graphics are the new zombies.

  2. When anybody talks about Android’s fragmentation, I tell them to Google for Android screenshots.

    So many resolutions and sizes… It must be a real pain in the ass for devs to account for all the variations.

  3. Lol this is awful. I will say it!

  4. I’m tired of pixel art. Really, this has already gone from “how cute” to “not this again”.

  5. i half expected a Worms clone when i saw the title, but it seems more like Contra.

    looks decent, and something that would be much improved by real controls.

    for the right price i’d buy that, if i had a Vita, which i don’t, yet.

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