Patent Suggest Kinect Could Charge Per Person When Playing A Movie

A patent filed by Microsoft indicates that Kinect could count the number of viewers watching (or playing) content and allow the content supplier to charge a fee per person.

Website ExtremeTech discovered the patent which contains the following text:


“The users consuming the content on a display device are monitored so that if the number of user-views licensed is exceeded, remedial action may be taken.”


This is further clarified in the detailed description;

“[0042] At 412, a license validation is performed by comparing the user count and any view or performance limitation against that allowed by the license. If the license is satisfied, the content presentation begins at 420. If not, then at 414, the user is presented with an option to adjust the license terms. If the license is updated at 416, then the content presentation begins at 420. If not, the presentation is halted at 418.”

Of course just because there is a patent for the tech it does not mean it will ever be used, but now the ‘always on’ Kinect and the massive focus on TV, sports and movies Microsoft aimed at during the XBox One reveal, it does appear rather ominous.

Source: Extremetech



  1. Fuck off! Sorry for the language but that is taking the piss. Have MS forgot that some famlies like to watch a film together or people want to watch a film with their mates/lover? It seems like it as charging people to watch it is taking the piss. MS are digging themselves a deeper hole. Am hoping that they have abandonded this rubbish idea and the patent was just recently discovered.

    • The fact that comment has come from The ‘Lone’ Steven is quite ironic. lol

  2. I’m just not understanding half the stuff coming out about xbox One. If this thing goes through it’s crazy.

  3. This is old news no? I am sure TSA covered this before, although i think it may have focused on its use in restricting age related products to the audience – which tbf, how is Kinect going to know how old a player is? any 10 year old can input their D.O.B. as over 18 so they can play CoD or something similar…

  4. MCV:

    UPDATE: To address the question of the age of the patent. Yes, the patent is old. But we have been told by UK industry sources within the last month that this system will be implemented on Xbox One.

    UPDATE 2: Microsoft has now issued MCV with the following comment: “Microsoft regularly applies for and receives patents as part of its business practice; not all patents applied for or received will be incorporated into a Microsoft product.

    • ….But this one will because we want your monies.

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      • By ‘you’ I mean avatar. Unless you actually are a fish. That would be weird.

      • It is a fish yip. Although I am very tempted to change it to a fat hamster now.

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  5. Watching adult material on your XBOX One gets a whole new meaning …

    Lots of questions though:
    1- Does it shutdown automaticly after your release?
    2- Do you get a refund if you only watch 3 minutes?
    3- Does it play when it identifies your spouse being in the room?

  6. Where is the actual link between this and Kinect?

    All I’m seeing is a flow chart of states and conditions that could effectively be for an Internet check on downloadable content and the number of systems it exists on as much as it could be for ‘kinect checking the number of people in the room’. So what’s the link?

    • “[0023] Consumer detector 106 works in conjunction with the camera or capture device 102 to determine the number of users or consumers within the display area”

  7. I can’t honestly see this being applied to the nextbox (I’m calling it that because I hate it’s “proper” name) as Microsoft wouldn’t be so daft as to expect people to buy it with this feature…….or would they?

    • Before the X1 reveal I would have said no, but know I wouldn’t put it past them.

  8. It makes no sense… its greed.

  9. Its starting to sound like the Xbox1 might become the first machine to be convicted of murder.
    I see a future where people play the Xbox1 in a store display, walk away without buying one and then hear this voice reminiscent of HAL from 2001 asking “where are you going?” “Do you think you can escape that easily? ” and then get crushed by the automatic doors when trying to leave? ;-P


    Problem solved.

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